Live life LIKE A BOSS.

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It is through our experiences that we learn some pretty good life lessons. Lessons are everywhere if we only open our eyes and learn.


My husband and I planned a long car ride with the kids to see some spectacular Christmas lights. But sometimes things don’t always go as planned and we were an hour late and still we had to stop and get gas and coffee. I did say coffee. I felt I needed an afternoon coffee at that time.

I entered the coffee shop already irritated and stood in line. The girl behind the counter was bubbly and cute and this seemed to irritate me more. “What may I get for you?” She chirped. Ugh, I thought, why does she have to be so darn happy?!

“I want a decaf coffee with cold soy.” I said. “Please don’t make it a latte. It’s as simple as a plain coffee.” I knew from many times ordering that a regular coffee meant latte in their world. Through all these past experiences of making the coffee over and over until I got my simple request.

“Okay! Got it honey!”

Sheesh, I hate being called pet names by strangers, I thought. Yup, I was seriously not in a good mood. Then she started to sing Christmas songs. I looked around, “Oh no! Is there a camera somewhere? Am I supposed to sing too?” I’ve seen too many youtube videos where random people join in and I definitely did not want to sing!

As I was flustering myself up more, I heard a man ask me a question, “Decaf coffee, eh? What’s that all about?”

I turned around to a guy sitting at his computer sipping his coffee, smiling.

“Yup. I’m strange.” I replied and turned around again.

The Christmas singer started making my coffee and then proceeded to the counter to ring in another customers order. I watched my coffee just sit and <sigh> I wanted to be on my way.

“I’ve never ordered a decaf coffee. Never. What’s the point? Do you get anything in it?” the guy asked continuing our conversation.

I looked back and said, “Soy.”

“What is soy? Like a creamer?” he asked.

I turned back around and saw the cashier helping another customer. This customer was a guy that she had obviously served before. He said things like, “Every time I see you in here, you are always to cheerful!” She blushed.

Oh no! I thought. My coffee!

They flirted back and forth for a couple minutes. I wanted to tap my foot, but honestly, they wouldn’t have noticed. They chatted on like they were the only two in the store.

The guy behind me continued talking to me so I turned around and gave him a stare.

“Why do you look irritated?” the guy asked.

I pointed, “My coffee is just sitting there behind the counter. I think she forgot all about it.”

“Oh…decaf must be important to you,” he said.

This broke my irritation and made me smile. How silly I am being over coffee. It’s coffee and I need to relax. Life really isn’t this bad.

I scooted closer to the counter to remind the cheerful cashier of my coffee and as I wait, the unbelievable happens…

The guy who was at his computer gets up and walks behind the coffee counter and grabs my coffee!

He hands it to me and says, “Take charge of life. LIKE A BOSS.”

I’m sure I turned ten shades red. I thanked him politely, smiled and walked to my car where my husband was patiently waiting for me.



This experience taught me that he was right. Maybe not going behind the counter and grabbing my coffee but HELL YEAH – we need to take charge of our own life and like a boss!

Not let other people’s happiness irritate us because we’re in a funk. Take charge of our own feelings, take charge of the life we are living and shine like the bright lights we are.

You are a boss. A boss of your own life. You determine how you feel, how you want to take charge, what you want to do, how you want to do it. Free will baby. Take control of your life and do so. LIKE A BOSS.






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