Day 3: Journal Your 2015

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Hi beautiful!

Welcome to Day 3 of Journal Your 2014/2015! Day 2 we wrote about our dreams, goals and desires for the upcoming 2015 year. I asked you to think BIG. Did you? Did you think the impossible? Because you know, it is possible. This is your life. Anything is possible. You got it in the palm of your hand. Now, what are you going to do with it?

Once you decide your goal, you need to break it down into achievable steps so you CAN and WILL achieve it!

Day 3

Your first Assignment…

Is to write achievable steps in a monthly format.

If you had a hard time coming up with goals yesterday, here is a way to categorize them to make it easier. Pick a category that works for you.

Family, Relationships, Career, Soul (Spirit), Body (Movement), Self-Love, Food etc.

Then come up with a goal. For example:

Career: My goal is to have a published book by JULY.

After you have defined your goal, write it in a monthly format of the steps you will do to achieve that goal.

JANUARY: Start on draft

FEBRUARY: Finish draft

MARCH: Have it proofed


MAY: Do research on how I want to publish

JUNE: Write all social media content

JULY: Roll it out…

It really helps to have a visual to see where your goals are and the steps you need to attain them. Check them off as you go or revise the steps as the months progress. The objective is to move forward! Land-ho, ya go!


Write a letter to yourself.

Fast forward the year to December 2015. This is the girl looking at you today – write a letter telling you about the year she had. What did she accomplish? What changed? What is different about her?

Enjoy and embrace this new year.

Love and Light,


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