How I lost five dress sizes: Intuitive Eating

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Your body is AM-AZ-ING. I do mean amazing. It’s much more than something that walks around with you daily. It can help you discover so much about yourself if only you look more closely.


Imagine knowing why you have that funny rash on your chest or what causes the eczema on your hands or even why you may have headaches. Your body truly knows all.


It’s not your enemy, no. If you have made it your enemy and think things of “Why am I in this awful body?” or “Why am I so fat?” then you are battling yourself. Pulling the cord in both directions. It’s time to end that fight and make amends.



I used to think for years that if I went to the right school, if I obtain the education I needed, if I discovered the right way to eat, then I would be on a better path. What if I kept my diet at 1200 calories, what if I exercised 5 times a week, what if I only had smoothies for breakfast and salad for lunch, would that be enough? Would that be what I needed to feel good about myself?  Little did I know, I had all the answers within me.


I have been a stay-at-home mom for almost six years and in this time I discovered how to live beautifully and healthy for me. I dropped weight from a size 14 to a size 6. I have uncovered the foods that I love and nourish the body I am in and enjoy eating them daily. It’s no longer a struggle when you (and I) live in our truth.


(Out with the OLD and in with the NEW! And yes, bathroom shots are the best!)




How did I do this? By listening. Listening to what my body had to say. I never once counted calories. I never once made it a goal to lose xxx amount of weight. I never once put pressure on myself but enjoyed…. enjoyed the taste of fresh foods, enjoyed eating until I was pleasantly full, enjoyed the energy the food had provided me. I no longer played the punishment game and still, even now will indulge in ice cream bars, chocolate and sweet treats.


It has been quite a long road for me to discover this and if I can help you take a short cut I will. Want to know the secret to intuitive eating? Want to know how to do it? Please let me help you. I can save you years… 🙂


  • What is intuitive eating?


Intuitive eating is an approach that teaches you how to become an expert of your own body through the foods you eat. You will start to notice that your body responds to these foods in certain ways. For example, I know I break out on my chest if I eat too much cheese. I love cheese but I need to keep myself in check! Another example, my eczema gets worst when I’m not hydrated enough throughout the day. These are examples to give you an idea of what you may be looking for in your own body. What are the ailments that may need tweaking for you?



  • How do I take this approach?


Throw out the rule book on dieting. There I said it. Ignore what you may have been taught. If it hasn’t worked for you in the past (which is probably why you are here) then it’s not going to work for you in the future. Time to change tactic!


If you were to see a G.I specialist or a specialized doctor, they might recommend a food journal. Basically you write down what you consume. Because some foods may take two to three days to show up in your system, an allergy or symptom may show up later. Sometimes it can show up faster as in minutes. For example, I know if I have paprika or chili powder, my face turns red. Not that it hurts but it’s how my body is communicating with me. Questions to consider: What causes my headaches to come on? Why is this rash here? What foods are more nourishing for arthritis? If writing in a journal helps, then do it!


The point of intuitive eating is to become an expert of your own body! Know it, really know your body. Make the connection of what its trying to communicate with you!

Here are some guidelines to follow:


  • Listen to your body. I know, it sounds simple but it takes time to know what your body is craving, it’s wants and dislikes. It’s like becoming friends with a stranger, it takes time. When you’re hungry, eat…when you’re full, stop. If you wait too long, it will probably give the message to binge. You have to know and discover your ques. We ignore our messages all the time, being present and inline with them takes work but it can be done.
  • Stop the guidelines. Enjoy the foods you are eating and give up the should or shouldn’t rules. For example, I shouldn’t eat that ice cream because if I eat that than ten pounds will go to my ass – GET REAL with yourself! Eat it if you want it! Sometimes I have two ice cream bars! (WHAT?!) Here’s another example: I was vegetarian for ten years but when I became pregnant, I craved a hamburger daily. I didn’t deprive myself of that burger but after I had my baby, I had a love/hate relationship with meat as in I forced myself to eat it. I thought it was good for me (meaning in the text books I needed this kind of protein) but I resented every bite I took. Now I can eat meat without feeling guilty.


  • Emotional bite. A lot of us turn to food as an emotional outlet to handle our daily struggles. If we’re bored or in tears that our boss is a jack, if we are going to get our way, if Billy will stop being so bully etc. Our thoughts lead us to the kitchen and ignore what our body really wants. What are some techniques to stay clear of the food? You have to look at the source of the problem. Food can be used as a cover up. Discover the source and handle the situation to release the hold on food consumption.


  • Be easy on yourself. If this is a new concept or you’re in transition, always be easy on yourself. It’s about learning and discovering not about punishing or hating. I’m always still learning even though I know this stuff! Be gentle, kind and loving to you.


Disclosure: I’m not a licensed nutritionist or dietitian, please consult your physician for your own body. I am sharing with you what simply works for me. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 






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