2014: Letting Go Ritual

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Say goodbye 2014!

Well, it’s here. There’s no denying at midnight the clock will strike 2015!

I wanted to share with you a ritual that I did to say goodbye to 2014.

It’s how I let go of 2014 and it may be beneficial to you as well.


After meditating, simply write on paper everything you want to let go of from 2014. Go ahead and write it all out. Let go of the pain, the pressure you may have put yourself under, the nagging thing that your significant other does or doesn’t do, the way things don’t turn out like you plan…let go of it all. If there’s something you want to release, do so. Release. Forgive. Have compassion. Let go.


Take all the time you may need. Play some soft music.  When you’re finished, you can burn it. Blow it away in the wind.

There’s a mental release when you do this. You can not only mentally let go but physically see it disappear as well. It’s therapeutic to say the least.

Then, light a candle with an intention.




Your intention doesn’t have to be a big one. It could be smaller in size. It’s what you intend to do for the New Year.

My intention is to have more self-worth and know that I am enough.

With all the schooling and studying I have done in the last six years, I still tell myself that I’m unworthy of doing what I set out to do. I still feel that it’s not good enough. That I can’t accomplish what my heart desires…but…the truth is that I am. I am worthy enough. I have everything I need to perform my tasks. Everything has always been inside me. It wasn’t the degree that I so had to get, it wasn’t the class that I needed for someone to think highly of me, it wasn’t the pressure that I put on myself. I am worthy. I am enough and now I believe and know it.

What does your intention look like to you? What do you want in this New Year?

I wish you nothing but love and abundance in the upcoming 2015 year. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it.

Love and Light,







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