Opening of the Chakras

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What is a Chakra?

Chakras (Sanskrit word for “wheel”) represent focused energy in the body. There are seven different locations for chakras and they flow on and around the body with each having a purpose of a different job.



In my every day life, I noticed that I have the same reoccurring symptoms: heart palpitations, bad circulation throughout my body, hot and cold temperatures and always angry. I could let out a roar at the drop of a hat. One day a site connected me to another and yet another and there it was, my heart chakra was closed. It couldn’t have been in bold enough. (There are no coincidences as I know my angels are kindly whispering in my ear.) All my symptoms indicated I had closed it. I forgot how to have empathy, I forgot how to love, I forgot I am love.

There have been many past experiences which have caused me to close the door. People who have abused my love, people who have used me, people who treated me less than they thought I was – and I believed them, etc. I shut the door and decided to never open it again. I willingly decided not to love again.


Thankfully, we all have free will and I have gained control of it back, little by little, each day.

The first step is to be aware. Admit the problems and make a conscious effort to balance them back out. it takes effort to do this and will not happen over night!

If you know what chakra is closed you can try the following methods to open it back up:

  • Aromatherapy: By using essential oils, you can restore balance between mind, body and spirit. Find a book or search the internet for the best combo for each chakra.
  • Chakra Meditation: Meditation is always a great way to quiet the mind and learn to relax. The beej sound or mantra for the heart is YAM. Chanting helps activate the chakras.
  • Chakra Yoga: Yoga alone is amazing with lots of benefits mentally and physically. By adding chanting to your yoga practice, you can help open the chakras as well. To help the heart, chant YAM.One of my favorite chakra yoga dvd is
  • Crystals and Gemstones are often used in context with energy types of healing. You can find an associated crystal color to associate with your meditation practice.
  •  Color Therapy: Nothing sparks attraction like representing the color you want to attract! By seeing these colors around you, the energy you desire is pulling towards you. There are LED lights for bath time, wearing a color, lighting a candle, lights around your home…many options to attract the color you desire!

Radiant the light from your body and search within your soul. You may be surprised at the new world you discover was always inside.

Love and Light,


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