How to make change possible

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I struck up a conversation at Target with a lady who worked there by asking her if she knew where the UDI bread was located.

She was super nice and eager to help me but wasn’t sure what I was talking about. I explained that UDI’s has one of the best tasting gluten free breads around and it was located in the freezer section. She then proceeded to tell me her husband was gluten free.

“And how is that working out for him?” I asked.

“Oh, he loves it. He was diagnosed with aspergers and they placed him on GF. It’s been kind to him. We have noticed an improvement.”

“Awesome,” I replied.

We ended up chatting for a half an hour. Yes, I love to chat and especially about food.

She shared with me that she had horrible acid reflux and that she was upset she couldn’t eat eggs or fried foods and that she is an extremely picky eater. She doesn’t like to cook, she always goes for the frozen boxes for the convenience and she lives behind the Target.

“How do these restrictions make you feel?” I asked.

“ANGRY” she shouted. Angry that she was limited to certain foods and tired of being overweight. Angry her body was doing this to her.

WOW. What a phenomenal breakthrough.

I said, “What would happen if you wrote down a list of everything you can eat and only eat those foods for two weeks. What would happen if you had unbelievable energy, if the weight started shedding off, and you felt on top of the world. Would you do it?”

“YES!” she said with her eyes growing big and wide.

Then I asked the tough question, “Great! What’s stopping you?”

Soon after we wrapped up our conversation, I headed towards another aisle. As I turned the corner, I saw her with another co-worker, “Hey, what you are making for dinner?” She asked.


My hope is that she took our conversation to heart. My hope is that it made her think just a little bit more. And all though I can want, pray and hope, it’s not good enough. It’s not my life. I am in control of my actions not hers, but I can help give her the tools to an easier and healthier lifestyle.

Only if she wants it.

My point is your desire to change must be greater than it is to stay the same.

She could clear up her acid reflux, walk to work and feel good about herself, but she chooses to stay in the same position.

How many times have you had an uncomfortable situation that you stuck in forever just because you were used to it? Anyone in a bad relationship out there? Are you in a bad relationship with yourself?

Her body wasn’t against her it was showing her signs that she needed to take better care of herself. That she needed to love herself more and pay attention.

I can talk her ear off how great I believe my program is but unless she wanted to change, than everything stays the same.

If you do the same things over and over and expect different results well, how is that working out for you?

Some of my favorite sayings:

So I ask you – what is it that is tugging at your shirt? What is it that is weighing you down? Can you find some relief? Do you want to? It all starts by saying YES.



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