Manifest Your Dreams and Get What You Want!

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This life is amazing. You can have anything that you want and you create your own world. Can it really get any better than that?



Years ago, I wanted to desperately move out of the house I was living in. I could feel my root chakra closing (although I didn’t realize it at the time) and I felt insecure of my surroundings. Things occurred around the neighborhood which left me feeling uneasy and scared. I started to turn inwards into a hermit. It got to the point where I would put the security alarm on while I was in the house, all the time and I basically lived in fear.

Fear that something would happen to me or my children. Fear that something bad was coming. I had this perception from events that occurred while I was there. My son was shot at by a BB gun through our glass front door while on time out, the police helicopter hung over our backyard so it was difficult to play outside and the worst, a dead body was thrown out of a moving vehicle.

The more I made myself aware of these events, the more caught up I would get. Scoping out who was who, looking up anything I could find on them, being cautious at every turn.

I felt like the more aware I was of my surroundings, the more I could be prepared but this outlook hurt me more than I realized. The fear grew and grew inside me. I was always angry. I saw four walls daily and I didn’t have many friends to talk with, it just wasn’t my best of years.

Dreams Fears

I was falling down a spiraling staircase and ended up at the ER for symptoms that I and the doctors couldn’t even explain. Yes, this lifestyle was affecting not only my emotional well-being (and my children) but my health as well.

We knew we had to leave that neighborhood. What was good five years when we purchased it was not right for us anymore. We tried three times to put in offers on other houses, but they fell through and never due to us.

I went into self-pity. What was happening? Don’t we deserve better? There has to be more out there than this!

We didn’t want to make the same “mistake” and purchase any house in a random neighborhood. I knew I had to make a change, a change that came from within. Heck, I needed some major guidance! I called in the Big Guns aka God and the Angels.

I started to dream of the house I wanted. I mean really dream of what I wanted to have.

One of those years, we put an offer on a house that was absolutely beautiful. It had four floors; a hidden attic that was nicely finished, three bedrooms on the top floor, a beautiful kitchen, living room and dining room that overlooked a fenced in backyard, a finished living room with fireplace that walked out to a sunroom downstairs and an extra huge storage room in a second unfinished basement. Attached was a three car garage. It was beautiful but I knew it didn’t feel right. Something about it. Behind the fenced in back yard was a dog park. Okay…maybe I could deal with that. Behind that fence was the fire department. Hmm, I thought. We put an offer on it and the deal fell through. The lady just changed her mind that she didn’t want to leave.

Although everything was beautiful from a far, I knew inside that this was not the house. I wrote out a list of everything I wanted:

  • Privacy
  • Nice backyard
  • Quiet neighborhood
  • GREAT school district
  • Close-knit community
  • The town had to have organic stores and be on the up

I love farm life but always felt a house in the country was too country for me.

We looked at single houses over and over until our faces were blue. I was at the point that I didn’t even care to look at houses anymore. I expanded my narrow-minded and opened up to townhouses again. (Even after I swore, I wanted a single family but you will notice, it wasn’t actually in my list!)

Our realtor took us to a house in a great neighborhood but the townhouses were on the small side. I weighed my options over and over. I knew I loved this neighborhood but I just couldn’t commit. It was in our price range and listed everything I wanted except for the backyard. It just wasn’t quite right.

My husband urged me to see this townhouse that we couldn’t afford. I shrugged. I hated to look at things we can’t have or afford but I did it anyways. (Make note, I put that belief on myself that we couldn’t….)

I fell in love with a need-some-loving townhouse. I mean instantly fell in love. This was it and I was sure of it! A end-of-unit townhouse on a dead-end street that backed up to a chicken farm – uhm, YES PLEASE! It was in the same neighborhood too! My husband and I are no strangers to work. Actually, he prefers to make everything perfect to his liking. A little cosmetic work, a little love here and there and it would be just fine. Would you believe we bought the house AND we ended at the price we wanted?!

Manifested dream come true.

My point is that this was a very long manifestation but I gave the world my request and it responded with what I asked for. Perhaps if I asked for guidance a lot earlier (slap forehead!) I would have known to make my specific list earlier and found my way to the house through the forest a lot easier. There’s nothing wrong with asking for guidance! They want us to ask. It’s just up to us if we do or not.

Fulfilled dreams can and do happen! If what’s in your heart you truly desire and you keep putting it out there, putting it out there….it will respond. But if you limit yourself (such as I did) then a tug-of-war game is created. You can have everything your heart truly desires. Yes, it’s true. Google it: Law of Attraction and Manifesting. I can’t make this stuff up folks! It’s truly out there!


Want in on the things you want in life? Want to know the secret? This exercise will help you get started on the right track!

Manifest Your Dream.

On a piece of paper list the dream or many dreams that you want to come true. THINK BIG FOLKS! There are no limitations here. Lift them up and have any limitations escape from your mind! The only rule (if there are any rules) is to make sure it’s something you truly desire. You will know. It will fit nicely in your heart and make you smile from ear to ear. Yeah – like that. It doesn’t matter how small or how big the dream is as long as it’s your hearts’ true desire.

On a second piece of paper, list whatever belief you may have that makes you think you can’t achieve the dream. Any negative, nagging thing that your ego is screaming of why you can’t, can’t, can’t…write it down.

Burn that paper. Or if that’s not safe, throw it away 😉 Let go of all those negative nagging thoughts. You don’t need them. Toss it down the toilet.

Carry your dream paper or put it somewhere that reminds you to see it daily. Create steps that can lead you to achieve that dream. Then do the work.

I couldn’t have had my new home just sitting on my butt and thinking about it, I had to go out there and get it. My husband had to work night and day to achieve the finances that we needed to afford our dream. There had to be steps and action taken to achieve our dream but once the steps are followed through with, the tug-of-war game ends. It’s all downstream and flows.


Be. FREE. SHINE bright. LOVE always.

Gratitude stones.


What would your stones say?







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