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Have you ever noticed that once you have a sugary treat, it leads to another and another? I realized something was “out of place” when I consumed a whole box of oatmeal pies…in 24 hours!

It’s not your fault. Our manufacturers are to blame.

There’s a certain level of responsibility when it comes to us and manufacturers who provide us with these unnatural sugary treats. We are consuming bite after bite, but is it really our fault?

Yes and no.

Manufacturers make foods highly addictive through the use of sugar. Once you have a bite, the brain is signaled to do so again, it wants more and more. They want you to be addicted. They want you to come back for more. It’s how they make money!

How can our brains want the sweetness of an orange if it doesn’t reach the level of sugar it’s craving for?

If you run on sugar all day long, you may want to look at other things.

I think the real question is what sweetness are you missing in your life?


solar plexus

The solar plexus is the chakra responsible primarily for the digestive system. Think of it as how we get our energy. When we consume nourishing foods, the solar plexus is also nourished thus creating energy in a balanced way. An unhealthy way to feed the solar plexus is on refined sugars. If you take notice to how many lattes, candy, sodas, cookies and chips you are consuming, you will get a pretty good idea if your solar plexus chakra needs some tweaking.


Back to the question, what sweetness are you missing in your life…I would suggest looking at the bigger picture. What is not working out for you? What is out of balance? Are you eating mindlessly? Are you living on sugary foods? What areas in your life may be causing you stress?

If you experience any of these imbalances, the solar plexus chakra should be worked on.

You can do so by eliminating refined sugars, eating more frequently smaller meals and journaling what is causing your stress and how can you put the sweetness back into your life. What are you craving for in life?


To work on a personalized dietary plan to improve your solar plexus, you can work with Amber by click here.




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2 thoughts on “What sweetness are you missing in your life?

  • Linda @ Veganosity

    I totally agree with you that manufacturers of processed food are partially to blame when it comes to over consuming. It’s been proven that sugar has the same effect on the brain as cocaine. The food manufacturers know this, and that’s why they add so many chemicals and high fructose corn syrup to their products. Because of the backlash of HFCS by consumers, they changed its name to “corn sugar.” Thankfully, the FDA just announced that they can’t use that name, but we all know that they’ll just keep coming up with other names to trick consumers and keep them purchasing their garbage products. The best thing we can do for your health is to eat whole foods and stay away from processed. Great post!

    • holisticfoodie Post author

      That is so scary! (sugar has the same effect as cocaine!) What are these people thinking?! The more aware we are as consumers the better choices we can make!