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I recently went over my friends house and popped in for a surprise visit.

Uh-oh.She had a FREAK out.

She invited me into her home as she quickly went around straightening up. I told her there was absolutely no need to and that I just wanted to drop something off but she continued to tidy up as we chit-chatted.

What I observed and brought to her attention was that all her items were horribly unorganized yet her families were taken care of.

“No!” she said. That could not be…

We went around on a little tour and she realized her laundry from the day wasn’t put away but her husband and children were, her make-up area was in a disarray but the bathroom was cleaned, her books were mashed on the shelf but the children’s were neatly put back.

What did this mean? What was going on for her?

Every room in your house tells you something about yourself. Notice, because this is your exterior world.

And if you choose to open your eyes up enough, the whole world is speaking to you daily. Are you ready to listen?

I asked her about the kazillion boxes that sat on the counter and she told me they are for the recycling bin. “When do these go out?” I asked. When she felt like taking them out she muffled.

I concluded that not only did she feel she was unworthy (noted by only her items in a disarray) but she had a hard time finishing tasks. I noticed she made cookies yet there was still a dirty bowl on the counter, she took a shower but left her clothes on the bathroom floor, she vacuumed the house but didn’t put it back where it went, these are all signs of not following through.

How you take care of your home is a reflection of how you take care of yourself.

It’s a mirror image of you.


More specifically, each room can be an indicator for what chakra is out of place as well.

Let’s venture off to the bedroom. If it’s unorganized with clothes hanging around, you may want to work on your sacral chakra. After all, this is where you have intimacy.

Your bathroom is your personal space so think of that as the solar plexus chakra.

And the living room is where you gather with friends and family also where you want to speak your thoughts and what’s on your mind. This area is designated to the throat chakra.

Ever hear the saying, “The kitchen is the heart of the home,” well that would be for the heart chakra as well!

Look around and see what your house says about you. I bet a lot more than you realize!


Do you need help organizing? It is really important to clean out the clutter from our mind, heart and rooms! If you want a fresh new start and don’t know where to begin, work with me and I can help get you there!









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