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As being a blogger, one of my favorite things to do is meet other bloggers. When we connect together, it gives us a sense of community and belonging. We know what it’s like to own this job, so we get it. 

I reached out to Joy as a intrigued reader who could not get enough of her site and she replied ten fold not even knowing I was a blogger. This blew me away. Her kindness is amazing. Thank you Joy, for letting me have the opportunity to review your e-book and for all the help you have given me along the way. You are a true blessing.


I have to be honest, I was and still am over the moon excited that I found Joy’s website, Everyday Chakras. As you all know, I have a thing for colors, and movement and sorts but when I found Joy’s site, my heart grew in ways I never imaged.

There’s an e-book for children’s chakras.

Let me clear my throat, Chakras for children!

OMG, I need you,” I thought. And it’s true, I did, do and still do!

To be honest, I rock at flowing adults charkas. They get me, I get them, we both speak English…but when it comes to children and activities, my mind goes blank and my creativity closes a little bit more.

The truth is, I needed her e-guide immediately.

First, let’s back up and meet the smart, kind and generous Joy herself.


 Joy is a mom of three, yoga instructor, chakra coach and reiki healer. (See why I love her so much? We have all the same interests – except for kid number three! tehehe.)

You will be blown away by her yoga videos and amazed by her insight to life. She has one of those blogs that you’re glued to everyday just waiting for a post to be made. It’s true.

Some of my favorite must reads posts from Joy are:

7 Words That Will Instantly Make You Feel Comfortable in Any Situation

7 words

















By the way, I do this almost daily!

Why I Am Getting Uncomfortable and You Should Too

red spike










School’s Out! Keeping Your Kids’ Energy Balanced During Summer Vacation











If you have kids, this is a great summer read!

After reading (what I swear was every thing she ever wrote) I really wanted her e-guide for children. I felt like it was the book I was waiting for. If I had a better understanding of my children then I could help them more, I could help in a positive and motivating way. Joy’s book showed me how for sure.

I was able to identify my children’s strengths as well as weaknesses and provide fun activities to help get their energies flowing. This e-book has been a true saver.

Now you can get your own e-guide too, for FREE! Want to know more how you can get the Children and Chakras: The Parent’s Guide to Understanding and Balancing Your Child’s Energy e-guide, click HERE



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