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Hi there!

Admittedly, I haven’t been blogging (which I love!) because I have been working hard giving chakra healings to clients through reiki. It has been the most beautiful week ever on many different levels.

But what I have noticed from my clients, that they all go back to the same imbalanced chakra – the root chakra. How can that be right?

Let’s take a tour of the chakras. One of my clients, Sarah* came to me because she has been experiencing horrible ear pains. The ringing in her ear comes and goes but has been coming on stronger lately.

I examined her throat chakra and noticed that it’s imbalanced so I start to ask questions.

“Do you speak up for yourself?”

“Do you mean what you say from a loving place?”

“Are you speaking your own truth?”

She tells me the same answer for them all – sometimes.

I got a hunch about her solar plexus and asked questions again. It was determined that her solar plexus was closed.


The solar plexus is all about the core self. Who you are. It’s about self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence.


Here’s the connection:

If she has a closed solar plexus, how can she have the confidence to speak her truth in her throat chakra?

We then traveled further and her root chakra was closed as well.

BOOM! Completely shut down.

The root chakra is like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. You can’t go up until the bottom “requirements” have been met and served a purpose.

I gave Sarah reiki through her chakras and opened them all up. I text her in the morning to see how things were going and she replied that it was the best night sleep she has had in a long time.



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Root Chakra Work!

If you know the work, you can’t just stare at it – it has to be done. You have to dive in and face some crappy times. We all have them. The root chakra is established between ages 1-7. Think about the development you have had in that time. Anything off?

You may not remember and that’s okay too. We create these beliefs in our minds at a young age and stick with them until we decide to change them. If you have a belief, the chances are, you are still believing that same thing today. Your actions will still show you the same belief from years ago. Dig deep friends!

I can’t stress this enough but journaling is an excellent way to uncover those lost, deep feelings.

Another way to strengthen your root chakra is through diet: Red, red, reds!

A lot of people are very particular about their choice of proteins. If that’s meat or even vegan alternatives, do what’s best for you.

Also think: root vegetables, beets, red potatoes, red cabbage, red apples, strawberries, blood oranges etc.

Want to feel more grounded? Try a grounding meditation and picture your feet developing roots that go all the way down and wrap around the core of Mother Earth.

When the root chakra is balanced, you will feel:

  • secure
  • safe
  • grounded
  • alive
  • at peace
  • Not “in your head”

The right diet can help our chakras operate well and help us live happy! The other “food like” substances will block chakra energy.


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Love + Light,





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