How Friends Inspire Your Chakras

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After a chakra healing session, I’m frequently asked, “Well, now what?”

I write out a prescription, “Hang out with your friends.”

Did you know, our friends can inspire, encourage and motivate us to help open our chakras? It’s true! When you are feeling down and need a pick-me-up, do you call a specific person? When you want to have fun, who do you hang out with?

Our chakras can be encourage to open up just by hanging around the right kind of person. So go ahead, and be inspired!



The root chakra friend likes to be in the outdoors. They are stable in their home situation and you feel safe and secure when you’re around them.

The sacral chakra friend likes to be creative! They are very passionate about the arts. Go to the museum, an art festival or even have a night staying in and scrap-booking.

The solar plexus chakra friend has a lot of confidence within themselves and is a leader. They know who they are, they are confident in their lifestyle.

The heart chakra friend gives out lots of love! They may volunteer their open heart to shelters, be a counselor or an animal activist. 

The throat chakra friend speaks up for their rights and/or the rights of others. They say what they mean clearly, may be a good speaker or a writer but they enjoy communicating.

The third eye friend loves to picture things. They see things and dream big!

The crown chakra friend is non-judgmental, free loving and supportive. They ask questions from a place of unconditional love.


Hang out with friends who inspire and motivate you to be a better version of yourself. Watch them, learn and even apply the skills that they possesses to your life. If they do something that you like then try it out! For example, if you like the way someone speaks up for themselves, then observe how they do so. Did they do it from a place of love? How was it spoken? Was there force? How was it worded? When you are ready, apply the new skill to your life!

And it’s not just you learning, there just may be something about YOU that inspires them! So go ahead and mentor each other!





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