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$65 for hour session 

What is reiki and what is not?


According to, the definition of reiki is:


A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

What reiki is:

  • Based on the idea that “life force energy” is moving through us and is what keeps us alive.
  • energy

Let’s think about that – life force energy.

I talk a lot about energy because I’ve always been so attuned to it. It’s something that I can feel (literally) and see (through auras). That’s my scientific definition and that’s as good as it gets for me. That’s all I need to know to believe in energy. Everything around us has energy. It’s hard to dismiss that fact. Rub your hands together and create friction, pull them apart, can you feel the energy between them? Want more information, check out this video

The world also moves on energy. Let’s look at the saying, “What comes around, goes around.” It’s the energy being spewed back into the world. Every time you speak, your movement, your body language, all sends out a vibration or energy wave. What kind of energy you send out will also come back. I’ll save it for another time but The Law of Attraction is great to know about as well. So in all, there is a life force energy that surrounds each and everyone of us. (And what moves the world!)

Reiki is channeled through the practitioner to the clients body using hands. It promotes a safe and healing technique for the client.

It also heals the whole body – physically, mentally and spiritually.


So how does reiki work?

It is guided by a Higher Intelligence. Whatever you want to call that….Source, God…you know the Creator.


Before I start a session with a client – I do say a prayer. I pray that my ego has disappeared and I pray to activate the reiki and whoever else I want to be there in this healing (angels, guides, whomever). I also ask my client who they want. After all, it’s their reiki session. 😉


Reiki is a self-healing technique that gives clients the opportunity to self heal. 


What reiki is not?


  • Again, it’s not to replace any medical advice or treatment but used along side as a healing technique.
  • It’s not voodoo or watchywoo, it’s positive, intelligent and healing
  • It’s not a religion. You don’t have to go to a special church for it or anything! You don’t even have to believe in it. It’s happening if the client believes it or not…


How does a person become a practitioner or master?



They must be attuned by a master to have the reiki in them. Once that person has it, it never goes away.


I offer one-hour reiki sessions via long distance or at my studio. Not to be confused with the free-reiki that I offer…this is specific to you.


For one hour I send reiki through every bone and joint of your body asking the Higher frequencies to heal and help assist you in healing. I am Reiki Level 2 and will be Reiki Master this month.


Send payment and you will receive an email within 24 hours of confirmation of your scheduled session. I will follow up with an email after your session. 






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