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If I could stress anything, it would be that manifesting your dreams and desires are really, really important! Especially if you want them to come true. 🙂

Writing steps to reach your goals, creating a vision board or making a crystal grids are some great examples of how to do so! I mean, you want your dreams to come true? Right?

So send all your dreams out to the world, dream about them daily and be sure to reaffirm the things you truly desire!

Before I teach you this amazing way to bring light into your life, there are some rules. I do encourage you NOT to break the rules or else…bad karma will be knocking at your door.

Rule 1: Never create things for evil.

Rule 2: Always manifest things for YOU. Not your neighbor, neighbor’s wife, best friend’s cousin, etc.

Rule 3: Don’t wish for things to happen to people to benefit you. For example, the “cheating” boyfriend to be buried… believe me, he has his own karma coming…and it follows rules 1 and 2. Do. Not. Break.

Why a crystal grid?

Crystals amplify everything. I use them for my chakra healing sessions for this very reason. So let’s amplify and bring on the bling into your life!

Create an intention.

An intention is anything you want to manifest or come about. Be specific here! Don’t just say happiness but describe what happiness means to you. What does that look like in your world? Visualize it in your mind eye. I’ll wait.

Not how you envisioned your happiness? Make sure you picture it clearly or write it down on a piece of paper (for later use!).

What kind of intention do you want to set?

How about:

  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Chakra Cleanse (my favorite!)
  • Self-esteem
  • Love life
  • Career
  • Abundance

 Tools Needed for Crystal Grid:

  • Blanket or stone to lay your crystals on (optional)
  • Wand
  • Crystals
  • Master Stone

Is there a specific blanket I need?

Nope. You could purchase a crystal grid blanket or you could use what you have on hand. I choose to use a green scarf for my abundance grid because green = wealth. Another option would be placing your crystals on a selenite slab. Whatever works for you!

What crystals should I use?

Ones that you are drawn too! For example, I use citrine and clear quartz for manifesting abundance. ***Please note that all crystals should be cleansed prior to use!*** (More on this soon!)


What is a master stone?

The master stone goes in the middle of the grid. This stone holds a lot of energy so I would recommend making it a unique stone such as a cluster, pyramid, a large wand etc.  For my grid, I used a citrine cluster. Think of it as the “communicator” to all stones.

I write out my affirmations and place them and anything I want under my master stone as well. Since this specific crystal grid is for abundance, I used my business card, affirmations and some money. Remember, I’m amplifying what I’m asking for.

When I do my FREE reiki sessions (sign up here for yours) or a distant chakra balance, I use a crystal grid and place names of those requested names under the master.

What is an activation wand?

An activation wand is where you send your intention into the wand and then touch the other crystals. Think of it as a “pointer.”

Grid Layouts

There are many, many different ways to lay out a grid. Do what feels is right for you! For mine, I did six crystals (citrine) and then placed clear quartz on the outside to amplify my intention even more. Most of the time, they are done in a geometric form but please do what works for you.

My grid of abundance:

crystal grid

Here are some examples:

::Crystal Grids::  many people create crystal grids and program them with an intension.  This intension could be for healing, higher consciousness, inner peace etc..  Crystals are chosen intuitively to create the grid based on what the intension is, and they are placed in an area of gathering or meditation to set, heighten and energize the experience.  This is a very powerful spiritual tool ❤

crystal grid


Shape of a Diamond: Gives off the vibrations of harmony. Perfect for gardens and the outdoors!

Shape of a Hexagon: Great for chakra balancing

There are lots of free templates – google them!

Activating Your Grid

I like to activate my grid by first meditating for a few minutes. I say a prayer of gratitude then I hold the wand and sit in silence for five minutes – connecting. I follow this with my intentions and point to the master stone and out to the outside crystals. Every time you go from one point to the master, restate your affirmation.

Here’s an amazing video that will give you a good idea of how to do it:











When do you take your grid down?

When your grid has served it’s purpose! Recharge or perform the affirmations daily or weekly. The more you spend time with your grid the better you will understand it.

Here’s a recap!

  1. Pick out your template (google is free!)
  2. Choose master crystal
  3. Choose  wand
  4. Choose grid crystals
  5. Cleanse all crystals
  6. Place blanket (optional)
  7. Place the master crystal
  8. Set up the grid
  9. Set or write down intentions
  10. Meditate for five minutes, connecting with the crystals and send out gratitude
  11. Activate your grid
  12. Visit your grid daily.

Have questions? Leave a comment or email me at

Interested in having your own crystals to make an abundance grid?

You can purchase an abundance crystal set for $39.00 + $6.50 shipping US ONLY.


1 citrine cluster

1 clear quartz activation wand

6 polished citrine stones

6 clear crystal quartz

crystal grid

***Prosperity Abundance***

According to Judy Hall, author of “The Crystal Bible”:

Citrine is the stone of prosperity and overflow. It shows how to manifest and attract wealth in all areas of life. It is a powerful stone with a very high vibration and is so charged that it never needs cleansing. It absorbs, transmutes and grounds negative energy. It cleanses the chakras, especially the solar plexus and navel chakras. It also activates the crown chakra to open up intuition.

Crystal quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the Earth because of its spiral crystalline form. It absorbs, stores, regulates and releases energy, as well as unblocking it.

Each kit is hand selected and like no other. This set ships via USPS Priority Mail to ensure safe delivery.

DISCLAIMER: The Holistic Foodie does not take responsibility for your healthcare. This information is intended for entertainment purposes only and is NO substitute for expert medical care or advice on your finances, personal lives or mental or physical health. If you have any problems please consult an appropriate professional.






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