Chakra Garden: Growing Values

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If you could grow anything about you, what would it be?

Would you be like the Grinch and grow your heart, 10x in a day? Would you grow your self-confidence? Compassion? Peace for yourself and others? How about patience? Or grow the friendships in your life?

This fun activity gives you a visualization to grow the things you need the most.


One fantastic way to balance your root chakra is by being outside in nature and becoming grounded. Your feet should be planted on the earth. You can even imagine roots growing through your legs and hooking into the earth. This will give you a sense of what feeling grounded is like. Don’t be afraid to feel, please embrace being in nature.

Have you ever touched a tree? If you close your eyes and connect in, you can feel the vibrations this beautiful planet gives us. Now, let’s give back to mother nature.

Planting a garden is really rewarding for earth and for us. We plant beauty and she gives us beauty back. Or vise versa, she gives us beauty to plant! It is an amazingly beautiful cycle.

This Spring, when you go to plant your garden, plant something extra. How about values you want to grow within yourself? This visualization is a great daily reminder of the things in your heart you wish to improve on.

It’s an easy but profound activity.

First, write the values you want to “grow” on your pots. You can also use tape if you don’t wish to write directly on the pot.


Really visualize the things you want in your life.

As you plant your seeds, think about how you could improve these values. For example, peace could mean inner peace or peace in the external world. How could you deepen this value for yourself? What would it take to grow? How can you give peace back to the world?

Make the intention to grow your garden not only in the physical world but in your internal world as well.


Disclosure: A big thank you to Cabot Cheese for providing my spring planting package! Included are high quality, biodegradable plantable pots from CowPots and planting seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.

What will you grow in your heart and garden this year?

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