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Hello my friends!

There has been so much awesome news that I wanted to share with you in case you weren’t on Facebook. I’m usually quick to post things there!

First of all, May is a great month to spring into action with a new fun workshop!

Welcome The Chakra Journaling Class.

If you are ready to…

go deep, clear out the old, bring in the new, then this is for you!

Each week, you will receive new prompts going through your chakras to unleash the roots and set it free. If there’s a big enough turn out, I will create a facebook group. The goal is for you to tap into how you are feeling and release anything you need to!

More details are soon to come. Sign up for the newsletter to be first to get them!

(This class is free!)

Also, The Holistic Foodie Shop is growing!

You must know I have a LOVE beyond loves for crystals. I use them when I give sessions and love their energies! I mean absolutely freaking love! <sigh> They are so beautiful…

Anyways, I am taking my two loves, reiki and crystals, and infusing them together creating beautiful reiki infused jewelry!

What does this mean?

All the crystals have been blessed with a touch of sage and then charged with the healing powers of reiki energy. Wearing crystals charged with reiki energy is a great way to carry Love + Light throughout your day.

And ya’ll know, I’m all about Love + Light!

Be sure to visit for the latest jewelry and visit The Shop!


I’m holding a reiki session this Saturday, April 18th.

If you would like healing sent to you, please fill out the form below. Please include your name and anything you may want to add. If you send me a photo of yourself, I can better connect with you.

Fill out the form here to be included.

Okay my beautiful friends! That is it for now.

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Love + Light,






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