Simple Daily Grounding Activities: Root Chakra

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The root chakra is all about grounding.


Grounding yourself financially, having security, feeling safe, feeling like you exist! It’s the connection between the physical you and Mother Earth. When we are grounded, we feel less frazzled and our thoughts are structured, not forgetful or spacey.

I know when I come out of sessions, I talk real S*L*O*W and I’m really soft spoken. I move slower than normal and smile in a haze. I’m still in a meditative state and not grounded yet. It is important to bring yourself back to Earth!

Some daily activities you can do (some within minutes!) to help you feel grounded are:

  • Hold two pieces of hematite in your hand. After my sessions, I ask how the client feels. Should they indicate they are in a meditative state, I ask them to hold a piece of hematite in each of their hands.



  • Get outside and walk. Take in the air, feel the sunshine against your face. Enjoy the quietness and notice the beauty around you. Want to take it further? Go barefoot.


  • Eat grounding foods such as meats, legumes, beets, potatoes, nuts.root saladA
  • Organize your space. Get rid of the “junk” that is laying around you.


  • Belly breathe. Most of us breathe very shallow. It’s nice to connect within our bodies and slow down a bit. Here is a video from Anxiety Coach to help you see how to do this process.


  • A great technique I use with my clients is to grow roots from their feet. If you can’t get outside for a walk, take a minute to close your eyes and feel the heaviness of your feet. Imagine roots growing out of your feet and into the ground. They grow deep into the Earth and wrap around the core.



  • Earthy scents are also a fantastic way to ground yourself. Simply simmer cloves, bay leaves, nutmeg in a pot to fill your room with an earthy flavor. Or you could  use aromatherapy such as cedar or patchouli. Even burn an earthy candle or incense.

There is a difference between underactive and overactive chakras. Sometimes when I’m working with a client, the chakra may feel really small or sometimes, not even there and completely closed. Other times it is quite large and overactive.

It is always good to visit an energy healer to bring balance the chakras but it is also important that you maintain balance in your own life.

If you feel the following, you may want to start this week by working on your root charka:

  • Incohesive thoughts where you just can’t slow them down.
  • Constipation – Yup, your poop tells it all!
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Can’t seem to relax
  • Money problems. Either too relaxed by spending or feeling like you never have enough
  • You live in fear
  • You lack in having dreams for your future

Start by acknowledging where you are today and work for a few minutes each day until you feel as if you are safely planted in the ground.

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