Healing Gemstones for Children #Giveaway

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Are gemstones safe for children?

Yes. Both children and adults can benefit greatly from the use of gemstones. Remember, gemstones don’t know the age of the person they are working with – they only know how to heal through the high vibrational energy they give out. Regardless if it is a child or an adult, they will give out their beautiful healing powers equally.


But, with every rule, there’s always an exception, am I right?




There are some TOXIC gemstones out there folks! Gemstones that after you touch, you will want to wash your hands. Gemstones that should NEVER be used for gem elixirs. Toxic. Toxic. Toxic. Be cautious of this and what stone you are giving your child.


Then why should children use gemstones?


Because they can help children just like they help adults. When combining the power of intention and crystals, amazing things can and will happen. Children can work with gemstones to help assist them with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual situations just like adults do. Again, age does not matter.


Children are very open to the world without judgements and criticism which helps connect them to the stones quickly. They don’t have the baggage that adults may carry. They don’t have the “rules” and beliefs that are consistently engrained in their heads. Children are beautiful and innocent which gives them the openness and willingness to learn from the stones easier.


Some of my favorite healing stones for children are:


Amethyst: Many children are drawn to amethyst stones because of their beautiful purple color. They may not know or even care that it is known as The Master Healing Crystal. It’s energy is peaceful and gentle yet so powerful it can eliminate negative energies and assist with nightmares along with physical and emotional pain. 


Blue Lace Agate: Not only does this stones help with peaceful communication and self-expression, it also helps connect with the angels.


Rose Quartz: This  fantastic stone known as The Love Stone. This stone teaches us to give and receive love from others and ourselves. It teaches children how to have a gentle and kind heart.


Clear Quartz: This stone is powerful  and can be programmed to any intention. For children, it can be used for clarity, clear thinking and protection. 


Tiger’s Eye: This stone is great for children with wild imaginations that need help coming back to reality. Its an amazing stone used for grounding purposes. It teaches children how to boost their self-esteem and give them courage to make good choices.


Now, you may be wondering how to use these fantastic stones. Shewie. Glad you asked!


You can use gemstones in many ways but here are a few of my favorites…


Amethyst: Used under a childs’ pillow. If using a cluster, place it on a nightstand. It gives off beautiful gentle energy and can even be used to clear jewelry.

Blue Lace Agate: Place under pillow. Great for dreams and communication with the angels.

Rose Quartz: Placed in a bath or in a pouch or pendant fora necklace.

Clear Quartz: Placed at corner of doors or windows for protection or if its a cluster, on a nightstand. If using for clarity, it can be held within their hands as they sit quietly, it will clear out thoughts.

Tigers Eye: Carry in a pouch or near the physical body. It’s also great as a protection stone and used for travel.


Remember, that gemstones need to be cleansed occasionally. One of my favorite ways to cleanse and charge crystals is in a bowl of rice. Just make sure it’s deep enough to bury the crystal down in. Keep it over night or for a few hours before pulling it out.


What would you add in your child’s crystal pouch?

Want one of your own?

Enter to win a Children Crystal Medicine Pouch of your own! Includes: 1 amethyst, 1 tigers eye, 1 blue lace agate, 1 clear quartz and 1 rose quartz!

Giveaway ends May 31st!

Good luck!

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