What Malachite Has Taught Me

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First let me just say, malachite is instantly attractive with its beautiful green vibrant color. But, I have to be honest, even by its beauty I was turned off.

 I call malachite, “The Mother of Tough Love.”

Watch out, this is the crystal of TRUTH!


When malachite first came into my life, I honestly didn’t know why. I was turned off by its beautiful vibrant green color and it sat in my jewelry box for a month or so. I wasn’t drawn to it as I was working with other crystals at the time.

What I didn’t realize, was that even though I wasn’t working with the malachite, it was working with me! I would see the malachite bracelet and move it often before the weeks when I actually did use it. I didn’t think much about it, just pick it up and relocate it to another spot, but ah-ha! That baby was working her magic! Her vibration was working in my energy field and waiting for me to pick her up when I was ready!

One day, I randomly (or maybe not random at all) decided to start wearing the bracelet. I instinctively combined it with a rose quartz necklace. The two stones work beautifully together.



Throughout my life, I have always used shutting down and closing my emotions as a form of protection. I didn’t want to feel hurt or pain or anything that I didn’t enjoy and therefore became an expert at not feeling at all.



How awful!


This form of protection made me feel safe (or so I thought) so it quickly became habit forming. Whenever any unpleasant situation happened, I simply chose not to feel. I chose to be shut down to the world so nobody would know my pain, not even myself. This also caused my heart chakra to close as well. Close!


I was an emotionless-zombie just standing around working with day-to-day life chores and things to do. Eeeek!


One day, I noticed past experiences were coming up. Feelings and emotions that I never processed were hitting the scene. What in the world?! Where was this coming from? Why was I recalling that situation and emotions?


My malachite! This baby is powerful!


Malachite’s energy resonates with the heart chakra. So I truly needed this gem. Anything that was shoved deep down in my heart, anything that needed to be released was doing so when I wore her. (I call malachite she but you can call malachite whatever you want!) The interesting part to me was that these experience that were shown to me came up in sequential order. Starting with the most recent to early childhood.

She was showing me what I needed to deal with. No BS. She is The Mother of Tough Love! It was there front and center.

As I went through these emotions a great immense of release came over me. I acknowledged my feelings, processed them, let go and moved on. 

I felt lighter and free in a way that I never felt before.


If you are ready to discover the truth…
If you are ready to travel to the dark and bring it to the light,
then malachite is the healing stone you want to work with!


A big thank you, Malachite, for teaching me to feel and be alive again! Blessings to you my crystal friend!


I want to know…do you have malachite? What experiences have you had?


Love + Light my friends,


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