How to Connect with Your Tumbled Stones

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Any and all gemstones give off energy. No matter there shape, color or size, they each have a unique energy within them.


So the question is, how do you connect with this energy?


First thing you want to do with a new stone is cleanse it from its previous energies.


Next you want to connect. You can do so by holding the gemstone in your hands and note its color, size, imperfections, appearance etc.Sometimes the appearance can give clues to what it’s used for or specifically how/why its for you.


Next, close your eyes and concentrate on the stone. Visualize being surrounded by white light. Concentrate on your stone…


You can write down any thoughts, emotions, visions or energy transmitted (example: warmth, coldness etc.) in a journal as you receive its messages. Switch hands and repeat the process.


Another way to connect is to carry it with you. Having a crystal close to the body will help align and balance the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies. Perhaps wearing it as jewelry is also an option for you.



You can also meditate with the stone in your hand and see what messages come up.


I personally like to work with one stone at a time, unless I’m mixing them for a reason. If its a new stone, I want to know what messages and gifts it is bringing in my life. I carry it in my pocket or make it into a necklace then observe changes in my environment and in myself.


Remember, all stones are healing! You can’t go wrong. Do what is instinctively right for you.


How do you connect with your stones?



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