How to Repair Your Aura Using Gemstones

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Stones are used in correspondence to the layers of the aura to help return the body to a harmonious state.


In my practice, I use this technique (along with energy healing) to help clear out any  stagnant, blocked energy or leaking energy that may be causing imbalance. You can do a variation of this process as well to help heal yourself. Make sure you have plenty of room!




The easiest technique is to use color therapy to correlate with each aura.


Etheric Body: 4 red stones, Jasper is great for this.

Emotional Body: 6 orange stones

Mental/Vital Body: 8 yellow stones

Astral Body: 12 stones, 6 green and 6 pink

Etheric Template: 16 light blue stones

Celestial Body: 2 indigo stones

Casual Body: 1 clear or Purple stone such as clear quartz or amethyst


How do you pick out a stone?


Go with whatever resonates with you! If it feels good, go with it!


How do you use the stones?


The easiest method is to have someone place them for you, but if there isn’t another person, you can do it yourself. While laying on the ground, set up your first red stones around your body. Get up and place the rest of them. Lay back down, if anything feels off, make adjustments.

When you are finished placing them, activate them. Then close your eyes and visualize the white light coming into your aura and making repairs. You can also meditate through this process. Lay there for 15-20 minutes.


Crystal Tip*


For daily maintenance, use selenite to clear any blockages.


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