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One of my personal favorite minerals to work with is hematite.


Three years ago, I started having horrible vertigo spells that would land me in the hospital and my bed for weeks. It was miserable. Doctors would tell me its an inner ear problem yet there was nothing they could do.


Come on…nobody wants to hear that one can’t get better right?


As the years went on, I would have a “spell” here and there but not a repeated heavy dose such as my first episode. One day when I was starting to feel dizzy, I grabbed some hematite and I was floored at the results. I mean floored.


I was pulled directly down to the ground and instantly.


The room stopped spinning and I was planted in the ground as if my feet were heavy and tree-trunkish. The thirty seconds of the room spinning left in an instant.


I started to carry hematite and explore it more.



Hematite is used primarily for the root chakra and is a fabulous source for grounding. This makes sense when the room is spinning and my head was going in circles, I’m not grounded but floating!

Hematite helps make us feel safe and secure, exactly what I was craving for at that moment. It’s also great for balancing the meridians within the body to provide a stable equilibrium.

This mineral is also excellent for blood conditions, such as anemia.  If you were to drill into hematite, it actually “bleeds” out a red color.

But did you know it does more?



When you look into a piece of hematite, what do you see? When I look, I see a reflection of myself.



Hematite teaches us that we are the “man in the mirror” and sends a reflection of ourselves to see, become aware and investigate further. Do we like who we see? Are we happy with ourselves?  Are we happy with what is reflecting back?


It is very powerful so if you are ready to bring new awareness to your life – if you are ready to see the reflections – if you are ready to make a change within – then you are ready to use hematite.


Love and Light,









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