Energy Vampires and what crystals to use

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Have you ever been around someone that just sucks the life out of you?

I don’t know about you, but I have a few family members who do! 🙂

Energy vampires are out there everywhere and guess what? They probably don’t know they are one!


After I had my son, I went through a period of anxiety and depression, which I discuss here. But one of the things that bothered me was eating in a restaurant.


Somehow walking into a restaurant made me feel very uncomfortable and I became overwhelmed very easily, especially after we were seated.


Although it never bothered me before, I was having a hard time adjusting and breathing. I wanted to get our food and get out as fast as possible. I went into a panic attack.


A restaurant, but why I wondered.




A while ago, I entered a building for a meeting and I could feel a shift in energy upon walking in the front doors. It made me feel uncomfortable instantly. Was it because I was waiting for the sign-in chart and surrounded by people? Or perhaps meeting new people? Probably not. I love meeting people, but I couldn’t kick this feeling.


I was directed to walk up the staircase and down a hall. As I walked up, I was became dizzy and lightheaded. I have had this feeling many times before so I started to talk to myself, “Get it together, Amber. You’re fine,” but I wasn’t so sure.


We spoke in a room for a few minutes and then the parents were directed back down the stairs into a lower part of the building for a discussion.  We were back again in this tiny hall so they moved us to a bigger location. Everyone made a circle around the speaker and I could feel myself becoming uncomfortable again.


I paused and took a mental time out around me. A little voice said, “pull in your aura, Amber” and so I did. By crossing my hands in front of me and pushing myself back away from the circle, I was able to make my aura smaller. To much of my surprise (or maybe not at all) my anxieties went down and I could finally feel comfortable with everyone else.



The question is, what is going on here?!


We are all around unseen vibrations and can pick up the vibrations of others. These vibrations impact your aura as well.


If your aura is too big, you will easily pick up the vibrations of others surrounding you. If your aura is too small, it doesn’t have enough time to filter in the energies before pinging you with them.


This energy coming at us can be toxic and draining to our own energies and without us knowing it!


Anyone can be considered an energy vampire and not even be aware of it. How does your energy meet with theirs?


I noticed for myself that if I spend too much time with someone, I become lethargic and drained. I need double the amount of time to myself  to recover however when I put up a protective shield to balance my energies I can manage my own personal energy a lot better.


What can we do about these unseen energies?

Simple. Make a filter to help filter them out!


Self-protection is a great way to make you feel protected within yourself.



You can create this protective shield by closing your eyes and imagining a shield around you or even calling upon Archangel Michael for protection.


Crystals are a great way for shielding yourself as well as protection. These can include:


Black tourmaline: Protects against negative energies, turns back anger, ill-wishing and attack. Strengthens immune system.


Labradorite: Great stone for healers or others who work with people. Enhances intuition and blocks other people’s problems or energies coming through.


Black Obsidian: Protects from negativity and grounding stone, releases build-up of physic smog


Selenite: An amazing high-vibration stone for cleansing the aura.


Don’t let people suck the energy out of you 🙂 Shield and protect yourself.



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