Fatigue: Journaling, Crystals and Diet

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Having fatigue can be very interesting on many levels.

As an energy healer, I like to look at it from a lack of energy (get it!…oh bad humor...) point of view.


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Fatigue and chronic fatigue are symptoms of an imbalanced root chakra.


You know, the chakra that stands for survival, instincts, the basics for living, family etc… Do you feel an imbalance in any of these areas?

Also know that you, and only you are in control of how you want to handle your root chakra. Do you like it out of balanced? Do you enjoy feeling tired?

Probably not or you wouldn’t be reading this, right?

Let’s break it down in steps…




Fatigue means tired. So let’s take a step deeper…

What are you tired of? What are spending your energy on that you can not move forward to do other things? Do you tend to burn yourself until you are completely drained? How about stress? Do you feel that way during the day? Most days? Do you play the victim role (oh, why me?)

If you find yourself feeling tired and restless, I encourage you to journal. Yes, journal it out! Answer the above questions and look deep into your emotions and how they relate to your physical body. Yes, they are connected. Make those connections for you. Go ahead, empower yourself.

Where are you spending the majority of your time or day? Is it work that is causing you stress? Family? Yourself? Are you giving yourself enough down time?

The first step is to acknowledge there is a problem. In this case, it’s fatigue. Then, journal how fatigue affects your life, how it makes you feel, where do you think it stems from. When you are ready to move forward, work on incorporating those new changes in your life.

If A+B=C and you are always doing A+B, you will always get the same C. If you change a variable, your C will change to. But it’s up to you to do so.

Let’s say you journal and it’s your job that is making you feel stressed, but you don’t want to leave it because of the money. Write down the pros and cons of each decision. Are you willing to make a change? At what cost?




Would it surprise you that crystals of the color red would be appropriate for fatigue? Oh, did I mention it’s the same color as the root chakra? Just saying!



Red (grounding crystals include red, black and/or brown) crystals bring you ENERGY, courage, passion and love.

Some ideas may include: hematite, bloodstone, onxy, programmed clear quartz

Need a quick fix?

Program two clear quartz points  and place in both hands. Point them down to the ground and breath in and out for ten minutes. Visualize the the fatigue falling into the ground and leaving your body. When you are ready, open your eyes and breathe in the uplifting energy around you.


Longer solution…

Wear an onxy and clear quartz necklace or place in a pouch and carry with you.




Take note of how much protein you are consuming. Try eating less or juggling until you find the right amount of protein for your body. Are you overeating grounding foods?


So I ask, what is pulling your energy down? What brings it up? Note it and make changes to improve your energy!


Love + Light,





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