Meeting Your Animal Spirits

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I am a person of synchronicity – I like to find similarities and link them up everywhere. I mean..they are always all around, if you open your eyes and see.


One of the easiest places to start noticing messages is to take place with the animals that surround you. Are they physically around you or in your dreams?


Animals symbolize different messages, then you can gather the message and place it into your life. How does it fit in?


This past year, my home has been surrounded by lovely vibrant red cardinals. I told my friend and she gave me a book called, Animals Speak by Ted Andrews. I adore this book, just adore. Upon reading, I learned one of the meanings of a cardinal is to pay attention to diet and at the time, I was having issues in my solar plexus. When I sat down with my thoughts and listened to what I was telling myself, I heard that gluten was a problem for me. Taking the guidance from the cardinal, I have been improving my diet.


But animal messages don’t always come to us like that. Another way to identify animal spirits is by dreaming or meditating.

One night, I had a dream about a snake. I started to scream, “A snake! A snake!” but somehow I felt it was harmless. The next night, I had a dream about a bigger snake. It was healthy, full and had dark colors. I was working on a wood project in my dram and he came slithering up. I woke up startled by the size of the snake. Think of the movie Anaconda.

Later in mid-afternoon, as I took my dog for a walk, a snake came slithering over my path! It startled me and I yelled, “Snake!” just as I did in my dream. My daughter jolted off running as I stood there trying to make connection. What was going on with this snake biz?

We traveled to the pet store later and I saw a python. He was the exact colors in my dream, but what does this mean?


Here’s the thing, if I didn’t have my dreams would I have noticed the parallel of the snake slithering by my feet and the one in the store? Probably not. I would have dismissed it and never have put the two together. Being an animal spirit detective can be challenging unless you make the intention to notice. The animals are out there. They are trying to give you insight but the bigger question is, can you sense it?



How do you meet your spirit guides?

You can simply ask to.

  • Before going to bed at night, make it your intention to meet your animal spirit guides. And please, don’t just ask once. Repeatedly ask to set out the request in your subconscious mind as well as the request from the animal spirits to hear. Animals spirits reveal themselves through our subconscious during sleep and meditation.


  • Drift off into sleep, relaxed and comfortable.


  • Have a journal by your bedside waiting for your messages. This is important! How many time do we dream and say, “Oh, I’ll remember that!” and forget? As soon as you wake up, write down every detail you can. Was the animal healthy? What did it look like? Did it have any scratches or damage to him/her? What color was it? What was this animal saying to you? What was your animal spirit doing? How was it moving? Get as detailed as possible!


  • Keep a journal by your bedside for more dreams to come. Look back and see what the messages are saying to you.


If you say you don’t dream….


Set your alarm thirty minutes prior to getting up. Hit the snooze button and set the intention to meet your animal spirit. Drift back to sleep and let the subconscious do its thing and explore!


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