Thanksgiving Full Moon and Detoxing Crystal Exercise

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Even though it’s Thanksgiving week, I have to be honest, my mind is falling short of positive thankful thoughts.

But I know, a lot of it has to do with the full moon.


The moon is in Gemini, which is great for partnerships and friendships (meaning perfect for Thanksgiving right?) however twice a year the Sun and Moon oppose each other and is in Gemini and Sagittarius. This means the focus is on the mind. Gemini wants to play with possibilities and Sagittarius is interested in meaning and purpose. The two together sure do make you think!

A full moon will also show us illuminations that are interfering with our spiritual advancements. Meaning it brings up a lot of “junk” that we should look at, release and let go.


The truth is, I cried a lot yesterday. Lots of stuff came up that I had to sit with. When I looked in the mirror to see my aura, the normal colors came up that I’m used to seeing – green and purple – but then I saw something else.

It was a gray box moving across my chest and up into the air. I cringed knowing that it was an energy blockage.

I actually went into a panic mode. Questioning all that’s wrong with me physically. I sat with this for a while. The “sick to my stomach” knots knowing that something is not right stayed.

As the day continued, I tried to snap out of my funk but it’s like when the doctor tells you you’re doomed and you believe it. I saw the blockage, what is my date? (Okay, I can be dramatic at times!)

Throughout the day, the same themes kept occurring. The life-long pattern that I tried so hard to shove deep down kept popping up to say, “hello.” I grumbled every time it did.

By dinner time, I had a melt down. My husband asked what was wrong and the emotional roller coaster went into a tsunami of emotions.

It was time to detox.



A nice hot bath, paper in hand, candles lit…I was ready to release. Release any fears and old patterns that try to say hi. (I gag at them!) I am not those fears. I am not the old and I don’t want to carry that heavy baggage of illusion around with me. I’m done with it.

Spirituality is a personal journey. Everyone must walk their own path, but I walk mine in real time with you. Know that you are not alone – know that it’s a process that we can walk together.

Crystal Exercise – The Negative Stone



Let’s get something straight – no crystal is negative or deemed “bad” unless programmed to do so. All of my stones are programmed with love and light and in the highest good with the Divine. So the title of this exercise may throw you off but you will understand why…

A tool that I use to help me when these patterns, beliefs or negative thoughts come up is what I call my “Negative Crystal.”

The purpose of this is to throw away the negative thoughts and cleanse the mind.

I use an obsidian stone for a few reasons:

  • It cleanses the smog in your aura (goodbye blockages and gray boxes!)
  • Great for grounding (when thoughts are flighty and your mind skips from one subject to the next, you may need some grounding)
  • Releases disharmony in your day
  • Psychic protection (you would be surprised how many times you may get drained by an energy vampire during the day)

What to do:

With all stones, cleanse and program them first. Then place it somewhere close by you, like in your pocket. (Don’t laugh, I use my hunk of chunk in my back pocket all the time!) When you notice a negative thought/emotion response come over you – simply give it away to the stone. The thought/emotion has no power over you. Notice how many times you actually grab the stone – do you have thoughts more or less than you thought you would? Perhaps you find yourself more positive than you think.

Take a few minutes at the end of each day and meditate with the stone. Give it all the crap that you want. It can handle it – after all – that’s what it’s programmed to do!

Make sure to cleanse your stone daily. You don’t want to carry all the junk that you put into it the next day and so on.

Obsidian can also be used for scrying. So if you feel really stuck – try scrying and see if anything unfolds in your future.


And so, if you are like me and an emotional basket case during the full moon period – grab a journal, pen, obsidian crystal and get ready to move forward!

Love + Light,



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