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Blessings my friends!

It has been an AWESOME week to the say the least! So many wonderful and exciting things to share!

First of all, let’s get down to the winner of last weeks drawings! If you receive the weekly newsletter (you can sign up on the front page of the blog) you will know that The Chakra Diva is giving away a prize each week!

Every day there is a new product on the blog – last week I made special crystal kits.

To learn how to enter and read rules, click here.

The winner for the December 6th drawing is: Abbie L!

Send me your address and which kit in an email Abbie. Congrats!

If you didn’t win, that’s okay too. More kits and necklaces are on each day, and you have two more chances to win on the 25 days of Christmas giveaway!


I was going to do necklaces this week, but had an enlightening experience that changed my mind.

On Saturday, I hosted an Awakening Your Intuition workshop which was beautiful and rewarding to me in so many ways. One of the things we went over was who our guides and angels are and who to call on for what purpose. We then met our guides and had a conversation with them.

When I was little, I developed a very close relationship with the angels. I called upon them daily and used their insight on many things.  I could hear their messages and wrote journals upon journals of their words that guided me through daily life.  As I entered my teenage years, I used them less and less until I never asked for their help anymore. Let’s just say it was a rough road….

As an adult, I brought them back into my life because I need them and look upon them for direction. I have to be honest, it makes life so much easier when I get a second opinion from a guided source! When we work together, life is beautiful in so many ways.

So back to my enlightening experience, I was taking a shower when I looked down at my feet and saw a beautiful vibrant emerald green glow shinning all around them. (Now when I say vibrant, I mean vibrant!)

I knew that it was Archangel Raphael was me since I asked for his healing prior to my shower. You see, he is the color of emerald green and represents healing. Exactly what this girl needed, some healing and right on time may I add. 😉


As I thought about about my connection with the angels, I was questioned how I could  connect others with them too and popped up a thought (can’t be so sure it was mine!) to create Angel Crystal Kits.

First one for this week is a contribute to the Angel who sent me his healing love – Archangel Raphael.

For more information on Archangel Raphael and to enter the Archangel Raphael Crystal Healing Kit please click here.

Wishing you a beautiful week of angel and crystal blessings!


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