Heart Chakra Crystal Technique

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This week in meditation class, we are working on the heart chakra so I thought it would be a perfect time to share an crystal activity!

The heart chakra controls the conscious of self-acceptance, acceptance of others, trust, well-being, abundance and good health. It is also where we can feel empathy from each other. When I’m in sessions with clients, I use this chakra to do intuitive readings. This is the chakra that is considered the “bridge” from the physical to spiritual realm.


When your heart chakra is out of balanced, you may feel lack of love for others and self or act resentful. You may also say yes to everyone that asks you to complete a task to give them approval that what you are doing is the right thing. A person with an underactive heart chakra may have a difficult time receiving from others. If you are empathetic, you may leave yourself in a world of isolation not knowing how to handle of those emotions/feelings coming your way.

Forgiveness and acceptance are key principles with this chakra as well. Most of us, who have experienced feelings of hurt, have shut down and closed the gate to heart chakra.

For me, it was easier to experience being emotionless than experiencing pain. I remember being young and asking God why He didn’t make me into a leaf so I couldn’t feel the hurt I was engulfed in. After shutting down my emotions, I experienced the same event with different people over and over. It wasn’t until my early twenties I decided to unlock the gate.

Opening the gate isn’t easy. You have to make a conscious choice to do so but it can be done. It meant accepting my feelings and forgiving myself and others to move on. Then the most miraculous thing happened – I was like the Grinch and my heart grew three times that day. <3


Crystal Heart Chakra Activity



1 rose quartz or 1 green aventurine


If you are locked behind the gate and ready to turn the key, hold one of the crystals and say an affirmation. An affirmation can be such as: I am receptive and open to receiving love or I allow myself to feel and embrace love or even I do everything with love.

Then carry the stone with you in your pocket as a reminder. Throughout the day when you are faced with anything, make a conscious decision to think from your heart chakra. What would it suggest you do? Should you go with what your heart chakra says and not your mind? What would happen if you made a different decision?

With love and light and all my best,



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