Are you a procrastinator? Procrastinator Crystal Kit

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Your actions give a direct link to what’s going on in your life. The direct beliefs you have about yourself.


The beliefs you choose to carry within yourself are optional.


Did you know you can choose to let them go or hang on to them? It’s true. Every minute you have a chance to make a new start, if you choose to!


When I see a client who comes to me with an imbalanced third chakra or solar plexus, it makes me question how they view themselves. One of the characteristics the third chakra governs is your self worth.


A person who procrastinates has an imbalanced solar plexus. Why you may ask. Because they are putting themselves last. They are saying I am Unworthy.


It’s a great way to self-sabotage to prevent them from going where they want go. And why do they do that? Because somewhere along the line there was a belief that was put in their head that makes them feel or think they are unworthy. But, it’s not true…unless they want it to be true. 🙂


How many projects are put off until the last minute? How many times do you run around in a frenzy trying to get stuff done and it turns into a race against the clock?


Do it no more!


You have the chance right now to make a decision to change. Yes, this very minute.


If procrastination hasn’t worked for you then why continue to hang on to it? How do you feel when you procrastinate? What is the underlying belief you have about yourself? Change it….if you choose!

If you want to grow as a person or on a spiritual level in life….then choose to open your awareness and make a leap. Try something new. Try self love and caring about you! Go ahead and see if you like the outcome better.


Here are a few of my favorite crystals to help move forward:



  • Garnet: Intensifies self worth and increases self-esteem.
  • Fancy Jasper: Helps focus on issues in the present to get ‘er done!
  • Carnelian: Helps take action!


Anytime you feel stuck or stagnant pull full steam ahead by writing out your goal or goals on paper. Hold the crystals in your hands and visualize the task being completed. Then move forward. You got this. 😉

To purchase your procrastination crystal kit, click here. Go ahead and click…don’t procrastinate in ordering 🙂





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