How to Connect with a Crystal

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So you purchased a crystal and you heard that it can do great things….


Bring in the abundance of wealth, make me healthy and maybe find my soulmate along the way….


So you bought a rock. Now what?


Did you know that crystals are reaching out to you as much as you are reaching out to them?

When you picked up your crystal, do you know what reason it was for?

Usually, you read a sign (if you purchased at a store or online) that says what the crystal is about. What characteristics and metaphysical magic it holds inside.

What properties were you drawn to?


Every stone has a story, has a purpose, has a function..the magic is waiting to be unlocked from you.


Now that you have your glittery baby, how do you connect with it? Well, you don’t have to call it a nickname..unless you want to and which I totally do! But you can start off by connecting with your stonetalking to it – and hearing what it has to say to you.

I always tell my clients, use all your senses when connecting in with your crystal. This isn’t about being right or wrong or doing the proper procedure…this is about you connecting in to reveal something for you.

To jump the relationship between you and your crystal…start by opening your palm chakras. You can do so by briskly rubbing your hands together or using a quartz point and rubbing it against the inside of your hands. Awaken those chakras!

If your stone is a large one – hold the left and right sides of it. You are looking to create a circuit between you and the crystal.

If your stone is smaller than palm, place it in your receiving hand and the other hand cups on top. Not to touch the stone with your other hand, but over top an inch or so.

This is a photo to represent how to feel the energy coming off.

Place the stone in your hand and the other hand on top 😉

Next check yo’ self! I mean, check-in with yourself….

Check your physical body.

What sensations does your body feel? What’s your temperature? Do you feel tingling? Do you feel coldness? Warmth? Do you feel grounded? Do you feel flighty? How does your heart feel when holding this crystal? Connect.


Check your emotional body.

How do you feel emotionally when you held this stone? Do you feel happy? Maybe relaxed? Calm? Energized?


Check your mental body.

How are your thoughts? Are they flowing in? Are they tranquil? Maybe this is a meditation stone?


I prefer to write it down so I remember my initial connection. Sometimes I even call my stone a name. Okay, most of the time! They are working with me and I think they should have a name!


Keep the stone with you all week. Make a connection at least once a day.


Let’s say the stone made you feel energized. Well, then you can use this as your soda for the day. 😉 Any time you are feeling like you need an energy drink – pull out your stone instead and make a connection to it.



Crystal Prescription: Try connecting with one stone during the week. Not to combine it with any others. You want to see the power of one first!


Give it a seven-day trial:


Carry your stone with you or connect with it once a day and see what changes or how it has enhanced your life.


Crystal Blessings,






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