The Stone of I AM

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The Stone of I AM.


Recently, an acquaintance was telling me how awful their marriage was. And even though it was completely awful there was nothing she could do about it. She felt as if she was stuck.


But all the complaints came from the outside – “my husband doesn’t do this for me”, “I do this and this and he doesn’t even thank me,” and “I cleaned the whole house, you think I would get a thank you!”


She felt under-appreciated and in the end not filled with happiness.


I learned a long time ago, the power of I AM. The filling of the self. Not playing victim and owning the situation – owning what I am responsible for creating. What I want and don’t want in my life – what isn’t working and what is.


All of this with the help of my stones.




Her first complaint was that she did everything and he didn’t even notice…


What she did was set herself up for failure.


She created her own expectation for him and if he didn’t meet that expectation, he failed and she failed.


For example, she cleaned the whole house and he didn’t give enough (what she wanted and expected of him) gratitude for doing so. But did he know he was supposed to fill that need for her? Did he know that was the expectations before hand? Did he know how much appreciated she needed?  No, so she became fluttered. And each time he didn’t thank her enough, they both were upset. She was mad at him and he wanted to know why she always wanted a certificate for her work!


She was always looking on the outside for fulfillment. She wanted to feel appreciated – and if he didn’t show her just enough, she felt as if she wasn’t good enough – not worthy enough and it was a no win-win situation.


Instead of looking on the outside to feel complete or fulfilled – I ask her to look on the inside.


You can fill yourself up for all the things you need without looking for approval on the outside. When you feel good enough for you then your perception of the outside things changes.



Take control and responsibility of a situation isn’t always easy. But you, and my acquaintance, can take back your power.


The Stone of I Am can be any kind of stone that reminds you that you are responsible for your world. Now that you have regained the ropes, what do you want to be?



I Am1


The way I pick an I AM stone is to find an affirmation that resides with something I want to improve on. After I choose an affirmation, I then pick a stone to that follows the characteristics of what I want to achieve. Finally, I carry it with me as a daily reminder of what I want to work on – or how I want to grow.


I AM Affirmations

I am filled with an endless supply of self-love.  Stone: Rose Quartz

I am confident and secure. Stone: Citrine

I am guided through each step by Spirit. Stone: Amethyst

I am overloaded with joy and happiness. Stone: Citrine

I am able to make the right steps to move me forward. Stone: Tigers Eye

I am able to speak my truth. Stone: Turquoise

I am filled with boundless energy. Stone: Red Tiger’s Eye

I am protected by negative energies. Stone: Smoky Quartz

I am creative in all I do. Stone: Carnelian

I am open to new opportunities. Stone: Green Aventurine


As you can see…the choices are endless. I encourage you to fill yourself up with the things you crave. The things you need on the inside. Take control and responsibility for your life. Use the crystals as a reminder of your affirmation!


Love + Light,





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