How to Choose the Right Crystal for You

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Let’s face it – there are a kazillion metaphysical descriptions to each and every crystal.


So how do you know, which one to go for when you walk into a store?


Most people will say that if you fall in love with it – it’s yours. And I’m no different.


It’s like choosing a mate – you just know that person is the right one and you will also just know what crystal to choose.




You are powerful. You know yourself better than anyone else – so when you walk into a shop trust your instinct.


Most of the time when I’m performing a chakra therapy session, I choose the crystals for my clients depending upon what I hear from Spirit or a few tools… but ultimately, the client has the say.


Let’s go with the question, how do you know if it’s WRONG for you...


I’ve had clients say, “Oh! That crystal doesn’t feel right!” And that’s okay too. That means it’s not the time for you to work with that specific crystal – choose another. There’s a better choice in there than that one…keep searching.


If you hold a crystal and you feel nothing or you’re not interested, then check out others.


And when you know it’s right…


All you have to do is trust. Be guided towards a shape or color is a great start. Come in tuned and hold it. Connect with it. And if it makes you feel all ooshie gooshie like a first kiss, then it’s yours.




Okay. I may be exaggerating…but you’ll know.


I know you’ll know.


You’ll know you know when you know.


Get it.


So be drawn to whatever one catches your eye. Whatever one winks. Whatever one just looks delicious to you. And if it’s in check with your bank account – cradle that baby home. Cleanse it and either program it or set your intention. You can even name them…hey, I do. 🙂


Crystal babies are your friends – take care of them and they will of you. <3



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