MUST have crystals for transforming your life

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Last night was the final workshop for the crystal series I offered at my studio. Our theme was releasing the old and transforming into our new shiny selves. It was perfect for the Mercury Retrograde period that started yesterday.


Transformation is scary. It’s not an easy task but if can be done. Especially if you are stuck in the same old, same old.


It’s like that pair of shoes you have in your closet for twenty years. (Don’t say you don’t have any!) You bought a pair of shoes and fell in love. They fit oh so perfectly. You wear them every day. They are your most comfortable shoes. Then one day, you put on another pair.


After a while you forget about the perfect shoes.


You see them in your closet, but they don’t interest you anymore and ironically you don’t throw them away. You keep them and hang on to them because you know they are comfortable.


You may bring them out from time to time just to say hello. Just to have the same feeling of the comfort you need.


And one day you come to the realization, they look pretty old and beat up!


It may be uncomfortable saying goodbye to the old friend but it is time to find something new and comfy.


When we are transforming, there’s going to be a lot of uncomfortable parts. You are leaving what you know and stepping out to make a change. A change that is going to provide you with growth and open new doors.


Oh yes that’s scary!


But you can do it. I know you can. I have faith in you.


And what’s a better way to move forward then with a crystal friend of transformation by your side? These stones are perfect to help you in transitioning into the new you…



Malachite is the Stone of Transformation. It will bring to the surface and present to you the blocks that are present in life. Look for “coincidences” and the same themes that are reoccurring. You may attach an emotion of ‘not liking‘ the situation but look at the patterns and see what needs to be healed for you to move on.  Ask for malachite to show you what needs to be shown to help you move forward.




I swoon over peach selenite. How beautiful the color is! OOO! Big hug!

Peach selenite is one of my personal favorites for releasing because it has a gentle yet very powerful energy. It helps heal old emotional wounds and transforms negative energy into healing energy. If you find yourself having a hard time forgiving yourself or others and replacing it with acceptance, then this is the stone for you.

Let’s say there’s a situation that causes an underlining hidden feeling of guilt but in the physical world, it comes out as anger. Tell peach selenite your story – let her know your thoughts and feelings on this situation. Ask for it to be released. Hold it into your pocket and work with the stone. You can even meditate with him since its such a high vibration and ask for the negative energies to be healed.



Petrified wood is older than the oldest of the old and that’s old! It’s actually wood turned into stone. Think about that. It’s a “tree-like  plant” that has been fossilized and turned into stone. Can you imagine the knowledge this beauty has to say and offer? If you know you are ready for a transformation but not sure how, then you may want to use her. The knowledge and wisdom she holds is unparalleled to anything we can imagine.  Use her in mediation to have your answers unfold.



Let me know your thoughts.

What crystals do you use to advance yourself in transforming?

Love and Light,



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