Getting through retrograde with affirmation crystals

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Affirmations are an important part of  the healing process.


An affirmation is to “make firm” or is affirming something that already is so.



I was chatting with a client on how this retrograde is just so bad…. She said it was the negative thoughts in her head that were challenging for her.




Think about retrograde. It brings up what we must heal – and for her it was her negative thought patterns.


One way to raise her vibration is through the use of affirmations – affirm something better and so it is.


Another way to help heal negative thoughts is through meditation.


Think about it – no pun intended – when you are meditating, you are not thinking at all but the observer. You are observing your thoughts and therefore you also have the ability to watch them pass on by. This is a great opportunity to let go of the thoughts which are negative that come into your mind.



….Back to affirmations…


When we say a statement over and over, it gives us the opportunity to let go of the old thought patterns…move on – see ya later – don’t want you here!


But as with anything you let go of, you need to replace it with something else. Why not replace old, stale, worn out, stinky, negative thoughts with uplifting, empowering, freeing, liberating thoughts?


Well, why not?


When choosing an affirmation, focus on something positive that you want to change.



If you have the thought, “That’s never gonna happen to me. I ain’t that lucky!” Try changing it to, “I’m filled with abundance and I’m open to new possibilities.


Feel the affirmation – make sure it’s right for you. Believe it. Use it.  Chant it. Sing it. Repeat it often.


Where does a crystal come in at?


First, choose a crystal, One that represents your new affirmation or what you want… Here are some ideas:


  • Clear quartz: Amplifies all energy and is my go-to to promote clarity
  • Black tourmaline: Repels negativity (Affirmation: I attract only uplifting and positive experiences.)
  • Amazonite: A stone of peace and tranquility (Affirmation: Peace is always within me)
  • Rose Quartz: A crystal of self love (Affirmation: I love to love and be loved)
  • Amber: A good choice for loyalty (Affirmation: I am loyal to my thoughts, feeling and true self.)


Then program your stone to help assist you through this transformation.


Every time you look at the stone, repeat your affirmation. Keep it in your pocket so you are reminded of the affirmation.


You can also place it under your pillow so its really connected to your subconscious mind.


Make it your friend and let it travel with you everywhere.


Retrograde doesn’t have to be so scary. It’s showing you what needs to be healed. When you are aware of the situation, then you can move forward, if you choose. If it’s negative thoughts that are bringing you down, acknowledge them and let them pass on by. They have no control over you unless you let them.


Affirmations are powerful. Use them to give you an uplift.

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