Using Crystals for forgiveness: Visualization

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Our mind and our body holds onto energetic imprints of energy. Therefore, if you experience feelings of pain, guilt, anger, etc. not only do the thoughts exist in our mental and emotional bodies, but the physical body also holds an energy imprint as well.


Sometimes our mind acknowledges an event or something that happened but we learn to stuff our feelings and end up feeling emotionless.


When thoughts of past situations arise, it may come back to your attention (even years later) just trying to be healed and released.


When I’m doing a session, these energy cords arise and my clients will say, “But I haven’t thought about that in years!” And that’s perfectly fine. I say then it’s time to heal it and move on!


The truth is, the situation can be like an onion. You pull off one layer and you may think you did your work, but another thought may appear from this situation until you get down to the core. It’s a very personal and in-depth process for sure.


This visualization works for forgiving one person or can be used to forgive many people. It’s up to you and how many people you are ready to forgive.




Pick out a crystal that you want to use as a forgiveness crystal.  I enjoy using a crystal ball for this, but please use whatever resonates with you.


Think or write a list of all the people (or person) whom you want to extend forgiveness too.


Close your eyes and hold your crystal. Relax and connect within.



Look within your crystal and visualize the person whom you are wanting to forgive or seeking forgiveness from. (This is one of the reasons why I use a crystal ball…it’s easier for me to visualize the person within the crystal. If you can’t see the person in your crystal, close your eyes and visualize them in your mind’s eye.)





Talk to your crystal. Talk to the person whom you are forgiving. Get out everything you feel you need to say. Have a conversation with them! Let them know that you were hurt in the past but now you are ready to move forward and not hold on.



After you are finished, say, “I forgive you and release you. And so it is.

**Note: This process can also work to send forgiveness to yourself***

When you are done, make sure to cleanse your forgiveness crystal.  I like to bury mine in the ground for a few days.

**Please know….

That if you really have a hard time forgiving, you may need to have further in-depth conversations. A counselor would be a great idea.

The person whom you are seeking forgiveness from or for, will know on a psychic energetic level that they are released. There’s no need to follow up with them in person or even hunt them down on Facebook to let them know. Your work is done. You are releasing them and ultimately yourself.


And if you have a hard time visualizing the person, you can always set up a forgiveness grid.


Love and Light,




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