How to Use a Fear Stone: Turn over the yuckies

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My status on my Facebook page reads…


“Part one to healing: Surrender.

Surrender to where you are as a starting point. Being right where you are and being at peace with that is a required part of the healing process.” 


I would say 80% of my clients play the victim role. They come in with a lot of distress from things that happen to them. And of course, things do happen – but we have to remember we also create.


When we surrender, we are surrendering to where we are. No matter if we like where we are in the present moment or not. It’s a starting point to move forward. The vicim mentality diminishes and doors will open. There’s no doubt it.




Did you know that healing and manifesting are one and the same?


Whatever you want to achieve – let’s say it’s healing a physical alignment – you are manifesting it. If you want to manifest a million dollars, you are healing your beliefs so you can receive abundance.



Healing = Manifesting. One and the same.

You can’t do one with the other.



When you have a fear, that fear has been manifested. To free the fear, you have to heal it. Ultimately the same goal, free from fear.



I have a fear stone….

It’s strong and powerful and can withstand my largest most ugliest thoughts and fears and free me of them. 


I feel safe when I speak with my stone – it holds everything I have and it makes no judgements. I surrender to where I currently am.


My celestite crystal is my go to.

The color is a peaceful blue that I find to be very uplifting. It’s gorgeous. It sparkles and it connects me with the angels.


She also helps me clear out my mental junk so I’m able to let go. It’s like talking to an old friend.


Whenever I feel a fear arise, I don’t hide. Instead I walk through it. I get to the bottom of it. I want to know more about it.


A fear stone gives you courage to see yourself where you are at. Acknowledge it and accept it. Then you can figure out what you want to do with your fear.


Here’s one of my fears that recently showed it’s face..


I wanted to attend a big spiritual festival going on in my town. But  I decided to go last minute and wanted to know who was free to go with me. I had my book already planned of who I was going to call then I thought – crap. I’m acting out of fear. What is my fear of attending a festival by myself? I enjoy being by myself so what was the big deal?


Well, when I got down to it and meditated on it – turns out, I was scared to be alone. Something may happen to me…who was going to help? The bigger question – am I really safe?


Now we hit it. A fear of safety. I had to dig in deeper but I didn’t have the time right then and there, so I isolated my thought and feelings. I would have called friends because I was afraid to be alone. Is this true? My fear said I couldn’t go by myself  – my emotion told me I was scared. Was anything really going to happen to me? Was I truly safe? It wasn’t like I was walking into a place where people were fighting – this was a spiritual festival!

I was making stories up in my head so I decided to acknowledge my fear and turn it over. I gave it to my stone. I spoke with her and told her my fears and decided to let it go.


When I was done – I picked up the phone and called my girlfriends. I called them because I wanted to be in the company of them – not because I had to have a friend there. It changed my perspective. And if I had to attend by myself – that was perfectly okay too. I felt safe with that idea.


The best way I find to use a fear stone is to turn over the yuckies. Really let it all out. Be done with it if you are truly ready to manifest a new beginning or heal what you are working with.


I do so in the form of meditation with my stone. Connect in and speak with your Higher Self. Then be sure to clean that baby!


Because I speak with Angels, I know they don’t mind holding my hand and fears and help me along the way. This is why I choose the celestite stone to use.


But if you don’t have celestite, that’s okay too. Look through your stones and see which one you are guided to. Cleanse and program the stone to hold then release your fears. The more often you do this, the closer you understand who you are.


All my love







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