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One of my favorite sunshine clients has cancer. The first time I met her, I asked her to lie on the bed and she lied on her stomach.


Now 99% of clients lie on their backs and I thought, “Wow! This is awesome! Let’s get to it!”


She amazed me because she was guided to do exactly what she was supposed to do. I don’t direct, I guide. And I was ready to dive into her session and she was ready to cleanse her unconscious side.



back chakras

You see, there is a back-side to your chakras as well as the front. Imagine a center point and then two v-shapes coming out on both sides. The only time this is not accurate is when we discuss the root chakra which is a v-shape heading down to the ground and the crown chakra, v-shape up to the sky (chakras 1 and 7).

So let’s dive in and learn why you should not only get your front side chakras balanced, but your back-side as well.


Root Chakra

The back-side of the root chakra contains beliefs and experiences we hold to manifest the physical plane. If you wanted to know why you are having a hard time manifesting – check out the back-side! Have you heard of kundalini energy? When this back-side chakra is flowing, we awaken the serpent and open the door to our passion, desires and what drives us. It you disbelieve that you deserve goodness, then you want to check out this chakra.


Sacral Chakra 

The back-side of the sacral chakra is our emotions in relation to the holistic universe. Meaning, the back-side can transform feelings into energy, power and beliefs. If we judge or deny our emotional body, we can cause blocks in this energy center. It’s a great starting point for healing emotional distress with birth and reproductive concerns. This is where we can bring our emotions into balance and release others judgements of us.


Solar Plexus Chakra

The front side of this chakra works with our desires and willpower in the world, while the backside goes into the belief system that we can achieve these wonderful things we desire. Any beliefs that we have created about ourselves that are simply not true, can be worked on through the backside. This ultimately leads us to accept ourselves full heartedly.


Heart Chakra

The back-side of the heart chakra opens up to Divine love. It’s where we can connect and open with the Divine and our plan that fills our hearts desires. It’s where our encouragement for being exists – where we connect in.


Throat Chakra

Ever wonder where we receive these messages from other beings? If your back-side of the throat chakra is open, you can hear the messages and thoughts of Divine Source – aka – spirit guides, angels, ascending masters etc. We receive the messages and the pass it to our consciousness.


Third Eye Chakra

The front side of the third eye chakra envisions our path while the back-side reflects all the potential vision for our highest good or the best path. It takes all the options before passing it through to the conscious side to stay true to ourselves and our purpose. When we affirm our highest self or our divine self, we select visions that will help us reach our highest potential.


Crown Chakra


The crown chakra is amazing as it is open to the Universe in all directions. Remember, it is a V-shape, open in all directions. It helps open and shift in the consciousness. It can also influence our perception on how we view things. The front and the back side of this chakra is complete oneness.



And there you have a description of the back-side chakras. Next time you see your energy healer, or have a long distance session by me, turn over on your belly and have him/her clear out the back-side!


Warm wishes,




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2 thoughts on “Back-Side Chakras and their Function

  • Joel

    Hello Amber,

    Thank you for giving yourself to help others, you’ve aided me in my search to release a blockage. Thank you Amber, best of luck on your journey <3

    • holisticfoodie Post author

      Thank you, Joel, for taking the time to share your experience with me. I am blessed at such a gift. Love and light on your journey. -Amber