Create a grounding grid to improve your root chakra

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This is a very simple grid, yet very powerful. Perfect for beginners!




Everything in the Universe moves in circles.


Cycles, (circular patterns), repeat over and over. Some examples: our seasons, the months, planets move orbiting the sun in cycles, electrons spin around neurons, etc. etc. The sun and the moon are also in the shape of a circle and because of these things; the circle is not only used throughout time but also included in sacred geometry.


This grid represents protection and safety and perfect for anyone who may need a boost in their root chakra.


We use the circle shape because of the representation of circles and what they stand for:

  • New beginnings
  • Protection
  • Completeness
  • Initiating newness


Even magicians cast a circle around them for protection. When I call upon Archangel Michael, I ask him to draw protection around me…and have seen him doing it as a circle around my body.


So you can see why I choose the circle shape for this grid.


This week, we started a FREE Facebook group called The Transformation Chakra Group. If you would like to join, please feel free to do so. It runs for seven weeks and one of the topics we learn about while working on the chakras is crystals  and of course, this grid.


Back to the grid…


The crystals chosen are: black obsidian, red jasper and hematite. To learn more of why these specific crystals and tips to using these crystals, click the video below.


Here is a very simple and basic grid – but please don’t underestimate it – it’s very powerful!!!


root chakra grid




I am firmly grounded in my physical, emotional and mental world. I am balanced and supported in all I do. I am stable and in harmony and so it is.


Wishing you well on your root chakra journey!



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