Sacral Chakra Journaling Prompt

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The sacral chakra governs…




and of course, the FUN IN LIFE!





Writing prompts help us understand ourselves better so we may become more aware of our emotions, and actions.




When we observe our actions, we are able to create change, should we choose. When we run our lives on autopilot and reaction, we are denying ourselves the opportunity for transformation.


It’s your choice to observe and bring awareness to yourself and one technique you can use to do so, is in the form of writing.


Here are a few sacral journaling prompts to get the energy flowing….


  • This week my emotions were (smooth sailing and calm or perhaps rocky like a rollercoaster), areas I want to look at is why I felt …….
  •  Was there a reoccurring theme for this week?
  • What emotion did I primarily feel this week? What made me feel this way? (Take ownership for your feelings)
  • Did I feel angry this week? Write about it. What was the underlying cause for this emotion to come up?
  • Remember a time this week that you laughed, smiled. Where in your body do you think that emotion has been stored?
  •  Were you a Goddess this week? What made you feel beautiful?
  • What relationships do you value?
  • Where do you feel your sacral chakra is? Balanced, imbalanced? What shows you this?
  • What are ways you can continue balancing your sacral chakra?
  • Finish this sentence: I feel beautiful when…..
  • The time I had fun this week/year was this was when……..
  • Create a list of fun activities
  • I feel most beautiful when I’m…..


Remember there’s no wrong way to journal. Just be honest with yourself and try your best to do so with love.

All my best,


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