Mapping Out Your Goals #SolarPlexus

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Yesterday we discussed how to start creating the life you want or at least where to start.


But sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start still, so I wanted to show you another approach to reaching your dreams and create goals.


Choose an area in your life to help you define your goals. What are you seeking? Be sure to use POSITIVE  words.





Example: Run a 5k by the end of August.



Example: Look for the positive when situations arise.


Emotional Goal: 

Example: Work on having patience


Spiritual Goal: 

Example: Meditate (without expectation) for fifteen minutes daily


Health Goal: 

Example: To understand and follow through with my body’s dietary needs




Now choose one goal that you would like to work on.


List  challenges for your goal.


Write down the positive solution you will replace it with.`



Health Goal: To understand and follow through with my body’s dietary needs



Challenges on Elimination Diet                                             Positive Follow-Through 


having choices on hand                                                            Creating a menu plan prior to starting

Making easy dinners for everyone to enjoy                          Googling a lot of recipes

Saying “no” to temptations                                                      Understanding this isn’t forever

How to understand my body’s language                               Write down food choices and reactions


So you see how this goes. Choose one area to start. As you become confident in that area, add another goal.




This will help balance and strengthen your solar plexus chakra because when we have direction and clarity, we know where we want to go. The solar plexus chakra is about not living life aimlessly but having purpose.


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Love + Light,






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