Powerful Crystals for Your Solar Plexus

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In general, any yellow and gold stones are wonderful for the solar plexus chakra.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite crystals to use – choose them depending upon your needs.


To use: place them on your solar plexus chakra for 20-30 minutes or you can meditate with them in your hand. Carry their energies with your throughout the day. Its up to you – what feels right to you? Enjoy the crystal world!




Citrine: Of course! This is a MUST have in everyone’s crystal toolbox! Use it on your solar plexus to boost your creativity, make you feel brighter and uplift your life with positive energy. I called my first crystal (which was a citrine cluster) Joy – and there’s good reason…citrine not only brings you joy but optimism too!


Tiger’s Eye: This is my goal using stone. If you are overwhelmed with a project and can’t see the steps, let tigers eye show you how. Each line in the tigers eye represents a step you are taking, while the whole stone is the overall goal. With tigers eye by your side, you got this. It promotes new beginnings. Need some motivation with it? Use red tiger’s eye.

You can check out a video on techniques of tiger’s eye here.


Amber: (Although technically not a crystal…)Place amber on your solar plexus chakra to bring you good luck and protect you from negative energies. It cleanses impurities in the body so if you have a bellyache go for some amber! I use it with my clients to absorb negative energies in the physical body.


Honey Calcite: Helps let go of what does not serve you. It’s a gentle cleanser and help you through transition, removing the old.


Pyrite: Helps aid in digestion, and navigates through obstacles. If you desire money and wealth, carry pyrite with you.





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