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One of my favorite ways to work with chakras is through food.


Just one of my favorite ways…


I’ve always been a big “foodie” (which is one of the reasons why I became a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner. So. Worth. Every. Minute. Y-U-M.) Okay, enough said about my love of food … it gets me hungry. 🙂


EVERYTHING IN LIFE HAS ENERGY – and you can be certain that your food does too.


There are two parts that play a role in energy + food


  • The energy contained by your chosen food
  • Your emotions while consuming your food


So what does energy + food mean?


Simply stated, processed foods are not REAL energy. You are consuming processed or fake energy – and honesty, your body doesn’t like that! Real energy comes from items that are alive, you know…real fruits, vegetables, meats….not items in containers!


When eating your deliciously prepared meal – take note of your emotions. If you’re upset or angry, while eating….hey! Your body knows it and consumes back again your emotion!




Try eating consciously – meaning, take it slow. Think about that bite. Taste all the flavors and love that was poured into your dish.


Say a prayer during meal time – give thanks to the harvesters, transporters, distributors, etc. There was a lot of work into giving you a meal!


And of course, use crystals!



Clear Quartz


 What you need to know about clear quartz….


Clear quartz AMPLIFIES everything. So you have to be careful.


Let’s say you are in a happy-go-lucky amazing mood when you consume your dish – GREAT…place a clear quartz to amplify all the love that went into your dish.


Warning: If you’re meh…forget it! Don’t think about placing one next to your dish! You’ll regret it! Nothing like amplifying meh to come back to you. Nope, don’t want it!


You can also keep clear quartz by your food (in your fruit or bread basket, vegetable tray) to keep your food fresh longer.


Honey calcite aids in improving digestion and the immune system. You can hold it in your hand while you eat or lay it on your solar plexus chakra for 15-20 minutes after you finish your meal.


You can also hold it in your hand while you consume your dinner. 




Place a bowl of aquamarine tumbled stones in the center of your table to promote calming conversation.




Have no ambition to cook anything? GREAT! Place red tiger’s eye in your hand for a few minutes to get the juices flowing. After you start, put it in a place nearby.


Enjoy all the wonderful vibrations that crystals give you in the kitchen and everywhere you go.

Love + Light,


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