Cutting Energy Cords #Crystals

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I can tell you countless stories of my ex-boyfriend getting a hold of me – energetically.


It has been well over fifteen years and I still have to keep cutting ties! And when I don’t, I run into him in the physical world! —eeesh.


Sometimes he comes to me in my dreams – sometimes he comes to me while I’m driving – just to pop in and see what’s up?!


It happens to the best of us.




When I’m giving a client a session, I hear a lot of names of people who are energetically attached to them. Some are friends, others are lovers, sometimes even long time ago childhood friends, etc. It can be anyone.


Anyone who is drawn to your energy – can attach themselves to you.  We communicate in the physical world and in the spiritual world.


Usually people cord themselves in another persons chakras. This can be intentional or unintentional. If we are drawn to each other, we attach. Lovers usually attach in the sacral chakra, friends can attach in the throat or heart chakra, but really people can attach themselves anywhere.


My ex boyfriend cords me (obviously in the Spiritual world since I very rarely run into him) in my solar plexus chakra. Right in my gut! Nice. Jerk. 🙂


You could also have been reincarnated with this person and have a long history with them – you never know!


Removing Cords


Choose a crystal of your choice. I personally like to use a clear quartz point. If you know where the person has corded you, then go for that chakra. An energy healer can pick up on where these cords are located.


But if you don’t know, that’s okay too. Take your clear quartz point and start at your crown chakra. Moving in a “sawing” motion, cut the cords going from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.





“I remove all energetic cords that no longer serve me and my Highest Good.” 


Say this over and over and until you reach your feet.

You can also use the Violet Flame to transmute the energy.

Keeping Cords


It’s not necessary to cut all cords – only ones that aren’t serving you well.


Let’s say you are in a relationship with  a family member and you both argue all the time but you want to improve the relationship – there may be a past life connection to that person. You can cut your current relationship with them and then visualize a new cord reattaching to them. Perhaps this cord is white and glowing. This is where you are saying, “Hey, let’s transmute the past ish and move on to a new brighter relationship.”


Other times, you don’t have to do anything at all when you find a cord. “Oh Jimmy corded me! SWEET!”  Thank you Jimmy. And then move on because you like your relationship with Jimmy.


Benefits of DeCording Yo’Self


  • You gain back your energy! It’s like a little kid nagging at your pant leg saying, “Are we there yet?” When you release them, you get your pants back.
  • Your mind becomes clearer and free.
  • Let go of the stuffins that haven’t benefited you – what a relief!


And then you can continue your path down the yellow brick road. <3


All my love,



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