Why are you so blue? Throat Chakra Meditation #throatchakra

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When you think of the color BLUE, what do you think of?

Does it make you feel good? Calm? Relaxed. Go ahead and look…



I’ll ask again. How do you feel? Write it down on paper or describe how you feel.


Okay…now here’s a different shade of blue – how does it feel to you?




Which blue do you prefer right now?


You see (no pun intended, well, maybe) colors can inspire your mood and how you feel. Are you feeling bold? Are you feeling laid back?


Blue represents the throat chakra which governs our self-expression.


How does blue make you feel? Take a look at some of these answers and see if they resonate with you…


  • Calm
  • Tranquil
  • Bold
  • Peaceful
  • Soothing
  • Cooling
  • Dreamy
  • Sad
  • Depressed


Have you ever heard that someone is feeling blue?


When I see my aura, it is typically blue. For me, it represents hard-working, leader and career oriented. But it could mean something different to you. I want you to describe how the color represents to you.


My point is that everyone views the color blue differently and that’s perfectly okay!


So how do you incorporate color therapy with the throat chakra? Well, you meditate on it. For this exercise, choose a shade of blue that represents your throat chakra.


As mentioned earlier, the throat chakra is the portal to self-expression and communication. It’s about saying the things you need to say and speaking your truth. Are you ready to dive in and clear out any blockages lingering around? Great! Let’s begin!



Throat Chakra Meditaiton


Find a comfortable spot and relax. Close your eyes.


Breathe in and out deeply. Release any and all tension through your body.


Listen to your breath a few more times as you breathe in deeply and release.


Start to relax your body from your feet to your head.


Imagine a bright white light below your feet. This white light is full of energy and feels like you are floating on a cloud. It slowly moves up your feet, legs..into your hips, up your belly, your chest and into your throat chakra.


Now imagine your throat chakra. What does it look like to you? Describe how it is feeling currently. Is it restrained? Is it open and flowing? Perhaps it’s stuck and stagnant?


Now take the white light and enter your throat chakra vortex.


Ask yourself, “What do I want?” It could be involving a particular situation or in general. “What do I want?”


Now ask yourself, “What do I need?” … “What do I need to fulfill myself?” You deserve to have your needs met.


Now take the white light and move it around your throat chakra. Clear out any dark color or stagnant energy until your blue is squeaky clean.


When you are finished sparkling up the throat chakra, thank the white light and return it down towards the floor through your feet.


You are now grounded with a beautiful, vibrant blue throat chakra.



Throughout the day, notice when your throat feels tight, or if you hold back your feelings. What influences your throat chakra?


What other chakras may be involved?



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Love + Light,









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