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I woke this morning, feeling good about a dream I just had. Ironically, a second later, I have no clue what the dream was about! But only the warm, gushy feeling remained.


I  felt so good that I sprung out of bed ready to start my day. Went downstairs, made myself a big cup of coffee, grabbed my journal and sat in my meditation chair. As I looked at the clock, it was 4:45, just missed my angel moment by one! 




Sitting down with pen and paper in my hand – the angels had a big message for me today – they said, “Teach how to connect with the Angels.” So here I am to write you this message.


Before we get started on the how to connect, I want to talk about the why we should connect in. 


It was very apparent to me, even at the age of 8, that we all have a guardian angel and many other angels around us. I spoke with the angels constantly. I invited them into my daily life on everything I did. My step mom can even recall me speaking to my GA (guardian angel) all. the. time. I knew things that blows me away even as an adult!


I can recall conversations of my purpose in life, what happens when we get to heaven and so much more. I was a very intuitive little girl – and still am – adult. 


You see, when you connect in and ask for help, they can assist you in everything you do and any question you may have. There’s not anything they can’t help in! Matter-a-fact, I call upon them before I start every session. Here’s my angel team that I personally use.


If you need protection, call upon Archangel Michael, if you want have doubt and are struggling with fear, call upon Archangel Uriel to assure you that your life is going to plan. 


They are here to assist you so you do the things you were meant to do when you came to this earth. After all, you came here for a reason in mind.


So how do you connect with them, even if you have never connected before?


First thing is to call upon them. Address that you want them to assist you.  


We were given free-will so we must ask for assistance or else..they just stand by and that is a waste!  And to be honest, life is so much easier when they are assisting. Can you imagine getting the help you have been searching for by just asking? The road already starts to move forward because you asked for assistance and are seeking help, so please ask. 


Then (and here’s the fun part) include them into everything you do. When I do something funny or stupid, I even get a kick out of it and say, “Did you just see that? Oh come on! I know you are laughing too!” And you know, they probably are. 


They are with you during every moment. Through your highs and lows – and know – that you are connected into the bigger picture. They never leave your side – ever! 


And if you want a sign that they are around. Ask them for one! It’s that simple. Not only do I see colors of the angels but I also get signs to let me know that they are with me. Some common signs are finding a penny, looking at the clouds (yes they do form into angels!), messages in the words of music, sparkling lights out of the corner of your eye and my favorite feathers.


Once you start looking for symbols and signs, you will always receive them. For example, I took my children to a stream to play in. My daughter slipped on a rock and was falling down (head first) into another large rock. I prayed as she was falling, “Oh please help her!


She was hysterically crying as I ran through the steam to help her. I was really in fear of what damage might have occurred – and when I picked her up, I didn’t see any blood. Well, that was a good sign! I kept checking her head and asking, “What hurts?’ She said her knee so I picked her up and carried her to the bank. (We are not talking a little steam, but a national park kind of thing.) 


Anyways, I put her down and noticed her knee was badly purple and blue. I thanked the angels for assisting with the fall as I know that could have been ten times worst. I looked over and sitting next to her was a feather. My daughter says, “Look! Archangel Michael saved me!” and I know that is true. 




Signs show up all the time and it’s not just for me, it’s for you too. All you have to do is ask and notice. Start by talking to your guardian angel, ask for signs, communicate with him/her. Everything will unfold. I know this for sure. Soon enough, you will know your whole team.


Look around and notice, what signs do you see? They are there! 




This month, I am offering the Crown Chakra Box – Included are tools and crystals to help you connect to the angels. Although you really don’t need anything (material) to speak and communicate with the angels, I love the assistance of tools as a daily reminder and crystals to help connect within. Click here for more info to get a special box delivered to your front door. 


Love + Blessings,




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