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I woke up at 3:33 this morning, it’s been a terrible sleep week for sure! I hit the moon app on my phone, 44 minutes until we are at a full moon. Beautiful.


Obviously, I’m not sleeping, I have so much on my mind. The thoughts and questions fly in immediately…next thing I know, it’s full moon time and I stay up for the whole celebration. It became apparent to me that I need to release these thoughts so I can get back to sleep!


So how do people celebrate when it comes to a full moon? Well, they celebrate by releasing and letting go of whatever they want!



The last full moon, I was invited to a clients’ birthday party. We had the most delicious fresh garden menu, followed by birthday gifts and celebration of the full moon in front of an outside fire. AAAA-MAZING! Lavender was placed over the fire as the scent radiated throughout the garden. The moon was high in the sky as we wrote what we wanted to let go on bay leaves. It was a magical night for sure. 


This months full moon isn’t as exciting as my last one – sharing it with friends topped it off for sure. But nonetheless, the moon is still shinning bright and illuminating the sky. It’s ready, are you?


When you think of the word RELEASE. What comes to mind? What is the first thing you want to let go of? 


So now that you got it, you may want to write that down. 😉  


If you are stuck, here are five things you may want to consider letting go of:


1. Negative Thoughts. Oooh, will you stop badgering yourself already? Willie Nelson said, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” Doesn’t that sound fantastic already?


Catch yourself in that negative thought – be on top of the ego mind and replace it with something positive. When you hear yourself speaking negative to yourself, think okay, “how can I change this?” Give it a few days and see what positive thinking can do for you. If there is a theme such as not loving yourself, then create an affirmation to replace the negative thought with.


2. Low energy foods. Low energy foods are foods that do little to nothing for your vibration. Take for an example Little Debbie’s Oatmeal Pie. The taste is absolutely delicious – it’s filled with sugar and sweets that leave a false comfort behind. But if we take a peak at the nutritional value of it, there is nada bing of a high flying energy in it. It’s man-made manufactured and not filled with Earth’s abundance of energy. Live foods such as fruits and vegetables are packed with energy. They are living sources to fuel your body. So let go of low-energy foods and replace them with high energy foods to fuel your body.


3. Anger. So anger can obviously get the best of us. We can rant and rave and then where are we left with? Well, just an explosion of emotion that didn’t solve any of the problem we are facing. It is okay to feel angry. It’s okay to experience the emotion but how about getting to the bottom of the cause? This is a technique that I teach my clients as well as my own children. You’re angry – count from 5 to 1. Of course, if you’re my children, you yell it down because you’re too mad to count!  Now breathe in through your nose and fill up the belly. Push it all out through your mouth. Don’t hypervenate – the point is to calm down.  Close your eyes. Divert your mind by creating a square in your mind. Breathe in for four, hold for four, let out for four, repeat. If you want take your finger and draw the square shape in the air as you breathe in, hold and release.


Another technique when you are fuming but cornered and can’t move (like your boss telling you the project you did wasn’t good enough), stand tall and firm and imagine the color of your anger – I’m assuming red – as a ball in your throat. Feel it or see it as big and bad ass as you want. Now send it down through your torso, down to your hips, pushing further through your legs, watch it flow through your feet and into Mother Earth. She will neutralize it – don’t you worry!


4. Bad Habits. Do you have a bad habit that you want to break? Well, my friend, you are the only one who can choose to break through the barrier! People can preach on with how smoking is horrible for your body or picking your nose in public is unethical – but only you can break the habit. If you have a bad habit, take this month to really focus on replacing it with something better – like a tissue. 


5. Clutter. A cluttered space not only clouds up our physical world but our inner world and it gives a very bad energy flow throughout the environment. Clear out and remove the junk that you don’t need, don’t use or don’t want. As I say, Reuse, Recycle Redecorate! 


And finally for a full moon extra bonus – take your crystals outside in the moonlight and charge up those babies! If it’s raining, keep them inside in the windowsill. The power is phenomenon.


Stars + Moonbeams,







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One thought on “5 Things to Let Go of During Full Moon

  • Dawn Esposito

    I love the energy of the full moon. Makes me want to meditate and connect. Thanks for reminding me it’s my choice to let go and change my thoughts!