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Yesterday I shared with you a post on letting go for full moon rituals. which in response a lady shared that she had a fear of failure. I thought, wow, that is so brave of her to step up and admit that. It made me want to dig deep but I came up shy of anything. (Sometimes its hard to take off those rosey glasses keeping us away from what we want to ignore.) Thank you, my dear friend, for being so brave to share with us.


Discover Your


So how do you tackle a fear, and one if you don’t know what it is? The first step is to uncover it and let it lose. Discover what it is sitting in your subconscious and grab your magnifying glass because its time for some detective work. 


You may grunt and groan when I say this but Detective, grab your pen and paper. 


When we bring to the surface a fear, when we acknowledge it, then and only then can be decide to change it. If we ignore it, it will show up in patterns in our lives over and over. Sometime even in previous lives like mine.


Here’s my story….


For weeks I’ve been pulling a daily crystal reading for myself and its been the same things: awareness, spiritual awakening, past lives, forgiveness. I was almost frustrated, “What are they talking about?”


As much as I love to do my spiritual, teach spirituality, put together cosmic potions and spray….I don’t actually talk about it. (Unless you are my family and friends, then I rant and rave!) But in honesty, I have felt uncomfortable about sharing my gifts for as long as I remember. I mean, my 12 year old child had thoughts of, “nobody is like me so why would anyone understand?”


As I did the technique that I’m about to show you, I realized a whole side to myself that I have been ignoring – due to my fear. A fear that I didn’t know about or address or look at until recently. 


A few days ago, I met up with a bunch of awesome ladies at a mama’s group I used to attend a few years ago. When I walked in they said, “Oh Amber! Business is going good huh?” with a big smile. I just nodded. It actually made me feel uncomfortable to discuss. I knew one of the ladies felt my uncomfortableness and I admitted that I don’t like to talk about what I do. She said, “But why? A lot of people are curious to it but don’t want to say anything.” 


How ironic. Neither did I. But for me, I was still trying to uncover the why of my feelings. (Totally off topic, but you should always address your feelings and never ignore. That will be another post for sure.)



About a few weeks ago, I had a “nightmare” I was telling a little girl to head into the light. I was in a dark pitch black room, and I could see a little tunnel ahead. Then this tall black entity came out of nowhere. He tried strangling me and I yelled for help but no words came out. I remember this dream. I’ve been here before when I could speak to spirit and was a little girl.

But this time I was stick of it and I rolled over and tried to wake up. I looked at my husband and he morphed into this tall being. Ugh, I was still dreaming. I kept yelling for it to leave and get out of my house. Instead of running away, I was pissed. It went outside and in the middle of my screaming, I slammed a knife into it.

What was really happening?

That was my subconscious and conscious fighting. This dream also occurred when I was little and I let the tall thing win but now I fought back. I was setting myself free. I share this story with you because your dreams tell you messages and this is one I would definitely remember and helped me in my healing. 


On one of my meditations, I started to think of my business and what I want from it. After all, I have some pretty awesome availability coming up and I have to figure out what I want to do with my time. So I grabbed a pen and journal and started to write about it. (I’m telling you, the best way to uncover and discover more about yourself is through writing. Note it. Do it. Write it down!)

My question was, “What are my fears about my career?” And I brought  to the surface – judgement.

Okay, go deeper. I didn’t want anyone to think I was a witch or strange or not normal.

Then I kept going…Why am I afraid of being judged? Because it’s not safe.


It’s not safe to be me. 

The bells and whistles hoot and hollars rang through. It’s not safe to be me. Well, on the contrary it is, but let me share with you something else. I have had many card readings done – and they all say the same thing. Amber, you have been taught under very powerful people through many lifetimes, you need to know, it is safe for you to be you now.” 

As I closed my eyes, the tears flew down my face. It was like a saving grace had come and released me. I meditated for a moment and spirit showed me lips of them blowing a kiss. 

The darkness that lived inside me (and showed me in my dream) for this fear is now released and gone. My perspective  had changed and I feel a profound shift inside. 



This is some pretty powerful stuff right here people! We all have fears inside each and everyone of us. When we look within we can uncover those fears. We can look at them. The root of anxiety would be addressed, the depressive state would be seen on a new level…but there has to be a starting point. And I highly encourage you to do so with the help of spirit. They are here with you for a reason!

Every writing session I do, I call forth the angels and my Higher Self. They give me courage and strength to look  at the deepest parts of my soul and bring it to light. Have a crystal near by for support – she will shine her perfect energetic being right by your side. And then, start to write. Write you heart out and be totally honest with yourself. 


And what do you write? Start with one of this open-ended question….


What are my fears about _____.


Fill in the blank with anything you wish, career, life, seeing my parents, going to amusement parks, etc. etc. If something stirs you upside, write what your fear is about it.


Next keep going – the most unexpected things will appear. Jot it down. It’s your inner self talking here. 


Then the next step is to ask the question, “Is it true?”


How I adore this question! Is it really true that I will be judged because I’m me? Well, maybe.


Is it true that I care about what others think of me? Not really. So then it’s not really true that I’m afraid of being judged? Well, I guess not. 


It’s the most awesome question to bring to light what the ego has shifted in ourselves for us. Actually, it makes me laugh when I discover what I’m thinking really doesn’t make sense at all! Try it and let me know how it goes for you!


Finally, you want to shift your same thought process to something new and I like to do so with an affirmation.


When situations occur that people discuss what I do, I don’t hide anymore because I use a new affirmation daily, “It is safe for me to be me.”  This helps me break the pattern that I’ve been fighting for uhh, many lifetimes! This lifetime is different as I light my star. 


It’s your turn, what affirmation are you going to use?


Clear out the fears and free yourself. I promise it will shift your energetic field and yourself in new and profound ways.


Love + Light,





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