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People often ask me how I can read messages from deceased loved ones, how I know certain things by the touch of my hands and how I can see auras and spirits nearby.


The one thing I know for sure is that it takes practice. I didn’t wake up and decide to be “psychic” and yet over the years, I realized that’s what I was doing. I was cultivating my own spiritual practice and when the effort is put in,  the results are amazing. 


Take an item on the list and commit to it – for thirty days. Give it a shot and see how your life improves. I guarantee it will. Instead of thinking, “I don’t understand the point of yoga” it will turn into a ritual that your body craves. 


Instead of pressing upon yourself to “quiet the mind” for ten minutes – you’ll start to wonder how you can get  an extra thirty minutes of meditation in….


You’ll see. When you do a spiritual “act” your mind, body and soul knows. It’s a deep connection and you will soon become flooded with knowledge and wisdom. All it takes is practice and a daily dedication. 




With intention, imagination and inspiration we can create anything we want for ourselves. We can co-create into the depths of our hearts desires – we can see the bigger picture and the beliefs and truths inside our beings. But again it takes practice. It takes time. It’s an open door that if you commit yourself to, it will change your life. There’s no going back and thats a promise.


Although everyone has different spiritual practices, I can only speak for my own. Things I do daily to lift my vibration so I can communicate with light and angelic beings and so I can manifest through love. Here is my life of daily and weekly activities. Pick one. Give it a try. You are stepping up your game…




1. Yoga. Even if it’s for ten minutes, get your stretch on. Start to move your body!  Yoga helps raise your vibration and the more you do it, it can become a spiritual practice on its own.  It can also teach you a higher level of consciousness and awareness. 


2. Clear the chakras. Find an online guided chakra mediation to help clear out your energies first thing in the morning or last thing in the day from all the static that may have been picked up. The more you clear out your chakras, you will start to actually “see” the chakras and “feel” how they are without going through the meditation. 


3. Protect your energies. Protect your aura from psychic attack, unwanted negativity (know a nasty coworker?). Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Imagine a pushing out a pink bubble on every exhalation. The bubble grows larger and larger around your body, incasing you and protecting your subtle energies. Practicing visualization will fast forward your psychic abilities tremendously. 


4. Meditate. Even if you start off with five minutes – that’s better than zero minutes! And you will soon want to have that quiet time. You will want to sit with your Higher Self…Find a guided meditation or focus on the sound of nothing. Put on your timer and go!


5. Carry a crystal – what crystal is calling you for the day? Crystals have an energetic vibration that is perfect. You can program yours with an affirmation to carry on for the day. Work with the crystal babies to bring forth what you want in your life. Learn how to “feel” or notice the energies that come off of each one. They are all different. 


6. Oracle Cards. Choose a card of the day. Do you own oracle cards? Pull one out for yourself daily. This helps you connect in with the Universe. 


7. Pray or Bless. I send a prayer to a stranger every day. It could be someone I know or someone on the street. Sometimes I send blessings just to send blessings. When it comes from truth and love, you’ll help your karmic life too. Energetic beings are attracted to your vibration – (we are all energetic sources) – so if you are positive and light, guess what you will receive…. the good ones. 


8. Live in gratitude. Be thankful for everything you have – because when you concentrate on the “lack of” that’s what you will receive back. Practicing an attitude for gratitude will call forth what you want from the universe too. You will learn how to manifest through this practice.


9. Journal. Ever try channeling? I have journals from when I was of the age 9-12 from spiritual guidance. Give it a try. What do you have to lose? Want to be psychic? This is one sure way to give it a try!


10. Be observant. The more you step back and observe the situation the more you are not emotionally attached to the outcome or what’s happening. It is easier to get the truth and answers that you seek when  not judgmental of the outcome.  Another way to be observant is to notice the details of everything. This will help open your third eye. 



These activities can be done every day to help improve your spiritual connections and open the doors to a whole new world. All it takes is practice and time. This for sure I know, once the doors open it a mighty powerful and beautiful world you will step into. 

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2 thoughts on “10 Every Day Practices to Improve Psychic Abilities

  • PsychicKevin

    Hello, first things first great blog and unique article and really enjoyed reading it. I am to am psychic which I believe we all are. I work with clairvoyance, angels, guides and also do tarot and angel card readings. I really thought you touched up on these subjects really well…