Are You Picking Up Other’s Stuff? You could be clairsentient

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For the longest time and even sometimes now, I pick up other people’s shit. Excuse my language. But it’s true.


It’s the stuff you don’t want. It’s the vibes, you rather not have…it’s the stuff that isn’t you.


Even though I have been a practicing psychic intuitive for years,  I STILL pick up others people stuff. It can still affect me to this day – unless I acknowledge it and release it.



Are you clairsentient?


Here’s some clues…


1. Someone tells you a story and it affects you mentally and even physically. It’s not your story but you carry it in your body as if it was yours. 


2. You feel an agreement between people, even though you didn’t witness it – the energy just feels high.


3. You empathize, if not OVER empathize, with another persons situation. Even if it was just a TV show


4. You feel sick to your stomach before something happens yet you don’t understand why – let’s just call it your gut feeling.


5. Your mood changes quickly and without reason. Then you just may be picking up others ish. 




Learning to tune in to your solar plexus chakra will help you tremendously. I dare you. Let go and listen to the messages within – it’s amaza-balls


I had a really rough day. To be honest, I actually let it affect me the whole day until I finally sat down in the evening. This boo-hoo girl isn’t me. What is going on? I even received lots of texts from friends who came in contact with me – girl you just look down today. You ok?


My morning started off with a crushing story from one of my clients – at 6am. I couldn’t shake the circumstances – the affects or anything. It literally sat with me all day. The phone call kept replaying in my head over and over… 


I knew I had to release it. And thankfully, I know exactly how…. 




Place one hand on your solar plexus chakra and close your eyes. (This is really good for those of you who use psychometry or using touch to receive information.) 


Close your eyes and ask yourself – Is this feeling of (name your feeling) my own? Take note. You will feel it or perhaps even hear it. 


Ask more questions – how do I feel about this person? How do I feel about this decision? Is this my own feelings? Is this energy from an outside source? Keep asking and answering your own questions until you are satisfied. 


If it’s an emotion you are picking up, you can then release it by asking to remove it. I sometimes send mine back to the sender (not always, but sometimes!)


Another idea is to “ground” the energy and then release it – visualize the emotion going into Mother Earth.


This exercise helps you determine what is your stuff and what isn’t. If you are dragged down in the middle of the day for no reason – turn in and get quiet. Ask whose energy you have. Is it yours? If not, do you want to hold onto it or disconnect? Best part you get to choose – what works for you – holding onto it or releasing it. 




Another excise you can do is when you are around someone – imagine that person giving out a color. What color are they projecting? What color are you? Are the colors blending? Do you like that color? If not, imagine a protective border around your energy, protecting you and keeping you safe. Or send the color back to them. 


The more you notice energy – the more you check in with what’s your energy and what’s not – the easier it becomes to discard the nasty that isn’t yours. It takes practice but it makes life a lot easier living on just your own emotions instead of everyone else around you. 


It’s all about really paying attention to your solar plexus chakra and ROCKING who you are and being in charge of yourself! HONORING yourself.


Listening to your gut instincts – acknowledge the energy flow to help you. You don’t have to carry the energy of others with you….let it go. <3


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