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There are many ways to meet you guides. It is recommended to do so through a visual meditation. To meet them in an area that is your “sacred” space. For me, this just doesn’t work. I try over and over to do the whole visualization thing but my mind doesn’t flow that way. If it does for you – great, go for it and meet them through a meditation!


You can easily find a meditation on youtube by searching “spirit guided meditation.” 


But as I mentioned, we are all different and what works for one person may not work for another. I’m not a guided meditation kind of girl, so another method works better for me. 


My favorite way is to know who you are drawn to. If you are drawn to a specific being, then that is probably one of your guides. 


What are you most drawn to?


  • Angels
  • Unicorns
  • Fairies 
  • Native Americans
  • Star People and more that are in the galaxies
  • Ascended Masters (Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, etc.)
  • Mermaids
  • Merlin



I know for sure that I’ve been on this planet quite a few times. I’m considered an old soul. One of my guides is a leprechaun, another is an amish girl (I have ties to family decades ago in Gettysburg, PA so I wasn’t surprised when I met her), and of course, Archangel Orion. When I was little, Jesus was my main source of communication. There are tons of spirit guides. And they are here to help assist us in this lifetime. 


You know within yourself where your ties are and which era they and perhaps you belonged to. We are intelligent beyond what we believe to be. 


The most important thing you can possible do is TRUST yourself. TRUST that the information coming to you is correct and remove the ego that fills us with doubt.


To meet your spirit guide, try a visual meditation first. They seem to be the most popular..but don’t just try once, try it every day and see where it goes.

If you still don’t feel like you quite ‘met your guide’ then guess what area you would want to speak to someone in and start talking to them. Yes, I said it. Play pretend my friends, you will be fine. Turn on your childlike mind and pretend.

When I was little I had a fascination with Indians. One of my guy friends when I was a teenager made necklaces that resembled how the Indians would and I adored them. On my healing journey as an adult, I also looked into Shamanism as it peaked my interest. Would you believe I found out on my journey that my great grandmother was Cherokee? I bet you, I have an Indian guide as well. No doubt about it. And if I find myself needing some ancient healing technique, I’m going to call upon him. They always show up, always. 

To meet your guide, see what you want. Would a mermaid help you on our journey? An angel? A fairy?… 

After identifying what kind of guide you would be interested in calling on, tell the Universe what you wish for. Ready?


Dear Universe, I’m ready to meet my Indian (insert whoever you feel called to) Spirit Guide. Please show me signs that they are with me.



You will see signs. Things will pop up. There are symbols that your guides leave you everywhere. Look around you. And if you are feeling up to it, talk to them. The more you include your guides  in every day stuff, the more space you are giving them and the lines of communication will open. You have to create the space for it to happen though. Just like a meditation, you are creating space for the development of that connection. 

When you speak to your spirit guide, be open to all communication. You may FEEL their touch before you HEAR them. You can even SEE them in your minds eye, or with eyes closed. It’s what works for you. My readings are done with my eyes open – I have a hard time with my eyes closed which is why the guided mediations doesn’t work for me. Everyone is different but what is the same is that you have to want to know your spirit guide and then step out, feel silly and talk to them.  Look for signs not only in the moment you ask, but during your day and week. 

Trust it. And if you feel like you get nothing, ask them to visit you in your dreams before going to bed. Have a journal or notepad next to you in the morning and write down everything you remember. 


Love + Light,



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2 thoughts on “How to Meet Your Spirit Guides

  • Donna Frasca

    Oh this is a great post! I know my Guides are mostly Angels and Ascended Masters which is another reason I have a such a great connection with them and see them most often. You won’t know till you ask right? Thanks for this Amber <3

  • Jamie

    Fabulous post, Amber! I have a much better understanding of this concept now, and I won’t feel so much like I’m shooting blind when I talk to my guides. I’ve always talked to them, even as a child. I “blamed” it on being an only child, but when I plug other pieces into the puzzle the picture is much clearer. I was truly having conversations with my guides. Thank you for all your wonderful insight, my friend.